B2ST – Good Luck!

BEAST is back!!

Their new song is Good Luck, and it reminds me of the more mainstream kpop we’re used to, but still retaining that unique beast sound. I’ve ordered an album (white!) as gesture of support as usual. Not gonna give a review (there are more and more people who do those reaction videos of every single damn artist hoping to get popular. *Attentionwhoremongerscough* Yeah no thanks.)


In my opinion, they are too kind to wish happiness to the girl who dumped their asses. But that’s Junhyung. That boy writes sappy forlorn love stuff with some obligatory bad English like ‘EH! BABEH! UHH! YEA!’. I’m not so kind. In my opinion, a more appropriate song would also be called ‘Good Luck’ –


“Good Luck! Baby good luck to you,

when you are burning in pain..

I hope you choke on your ramyun too

and get bad eye circles and break outs..



Good luck! Baby good luck to you,

May you be lactose-intolerant, 

having drank lots of milk

and the loo has no toilet paper..

yeah BEST of luck to you.”


(BUT IT DOESN’T EVEN RHYME!) See. That’s why I’m not counselling people any more with regards to their romantic woes.


My blog may be titled as a 귀찮다/귀차니스트 ie, procrastinator’s blog, hence allowing me to blog on a basis of a whim rather than regular scheduled timings, but truth to be told, I am anything but lazing at any time. Unless I tried to exercise, then yeah for the next few hours I’m the worst piece of lard plopped on my bed. Like I previously mentioned, I’m a huge thinker. When your brain is moving at 100 miles an hour, it looks like I’m not doing anything, but I’m entertaining ideas of what to do, try out, deciding courses of action. When I’m on my phone, it looks like I’m listening to music, but I’m actually memorizing the lyrics and studying vocab usage. I may be surfing the net, but I have 25 tabs open regularly with 7 different things I’m researching on. I read more pages of the korean novel in my phone and secretly memorized the lyrics to ‘Good Luck’ on the bus my way to work. Actually productive!


It’s hard work! To look like you’re not doing anything and hide away the piles of paper I’ve been practising calligraphy on.. It’s like an undercover cop pretending to be a hobo. I wonder why I’m so secretive and territorial. Somehow, I don’t really like people to know exactly what I’m doing and thinking and feeling. Maybe it’s me being perfectionist and not ever being ready to let people see what I’ve learnt. Maybe I’m a descendant of a squirrel and a cat. Am I the only one?


I’ll badly conclude my blog post as usual, because nobody reads this far into lengthy posts with no pictures.



This is gonna be a random drop kind of post for words that I’m currently trying to remember and think is useful, after picking them up from books or shows:


몹쓸 짓을 하다

doing evil deeds to others.


From my fav naver dict:

(나쁜) badevilillnasty (사악한) wicked (질병 등이) virulent      

몹쓸 병에 걸리다

suffer from a virulent[nastydisease 

몹쓸 짓을 하다

do sb harm[an ill turn

몹쓸 짓을 하다

do a cruel thing (to) 

몹쓸 짓을 하다

do wrong (to) 

저런 몹쓸 놈이 있나!

What a bad[nastyperson he is

저런 몹쓸 놈이 있나!

How wicked he is


This was from Basketball, #3, while Shinyoung is protecting a poor child from an aggressive man. She demands to know what the hell kind of evil shit he’s doing. This is going to be so useful when I see everyday injustice of ugly people pushing and shoving for seats, or choice spots. Or those smoker bastards who harm their body and everyone around them by huffing and puffing away and spreading lung cancer. Those 몹쓸 놈s!


    • unfortunately, unluckily
    • Unfortunately, his work did not win anything.불행히도 그의 작품은 당선되지 못했다

This is pretty easy to understand once you consider the original form 불행 不幸, but probably not something I’d readily use unless it’s within reach in my brain. There’s another alternative to ‘unfortunately’ –> 유감이지만 (유감 being regret, pity). I have a teeny feeling perhaps the latter is more commonly used, but I haven’t actually checked. 



충 (大総)

[synonym] 대강
    • (Noun)
    • Can you give me a rough estimate?비용을 대충이라도 말씀해 주시겠습니까?
    • What will it cost, approximately?비용을 대충이라도 말씀해 주시겠습니까?
    • (Adverb) approximately, roughly, cursorily , 大体だいたい;
Can be useful to describe people who halfass their work too. So useful!

그는 일을 정말 대충 한다

He does a slapdash job

The above 3 terms and their examples I’ve chosen to remember with are from a critical point of view, to criticize others. I can’t quite describe what kind of psychology takes place here, but I’m borrowing the idea of ‘curse words are the first things people pick up from a foreign language’ kind of belief. Presumably because there is a higher chance of hearing/using such expressions in modern day situations whenever we feel slighted, overlooked or misunderstood. People gossip and such, but seldom go praising others behind their backs.


It won’t apply to everyone, but I’m someone who associates feeling and meaning and morality to words when I first encounter them. I mentally and automatically classify words under 3 categories: Positive connotation, Negative connotation and Neutral. I feel first then use a term to describe what I feel, OR seeing a word gives me associated feelings. This happens to everything that happens to me, so memories, colours, numbers, songs and even learning styles can evoke positive/negative feelings for me because I make them personal, so they hold meaning for me. (For example, I feel stuffy and uptight when I’m forced to learn with (everyone’s favourite) anki memory cards. I hate cards! They are so short, they don’t allow me to explore and find more examples, and they are impersonal and I can’t add colours or doodles etc.. you get the idea.)  Lately I’ve been feeling crabby, agitated and irate, so I find that negative connotation words are easier to remember during this period. 


If you’re a cherry sunflower or perhaps a teacher who dishes out compliments all the time, you might find positive association words easier to remember, or however you choose to study, just go for it. If if works for you, and nobody else, it’s still a valid method imo.


I’ve once read that in order to adequately acquire another foreign language, one should focus on first mastering their mother tongue. You can see this as a completionist theory, or the simple fact of mastering one language will heighten you to subtle nuances in foreign languages. However you choose to see it, I think this idea holds merit. Our mother tongue is English in Singapore. But I’m not satisfied with the way we pronounce it. Plus, English has always been a beautiful, unique language.


Since the end of last year, I’ve enclosed myself in an isolated bubble, and have not contacted anyone outside of my work and home. I deleted Facebook and Whatsapp, Twitter, Instagram, it’s been 4 months, and I feel great! You might ask why, am I a toad and is totally self conscious of my appearance and weight issues? No. I don’t have any issues with my sense of confidence, neither do I feel inadequate. It’s simply a matter of choice. I’m deeply introverted to begin with, I can very well dress nicely and put make up to look appealing to the world, but for now, I don’t feel like I need to prove anything to anyone. I don’t quite know why I brought up this point (for the sake of this post I should edit this part out, my logical side says, but my rebellious side tells me that logic may be right, but he’s annoying, and should be defied for the sake of defiance, how dare I tell myself what to do!), but I suppose I prefer reaching out through the internet than the physical world. Or maybe I’m itching to explore authenticity and self confidence and self image issues I see in other people but I can’t find someone to administer to. Either way, I’m derailing myself.

So with the assisted lack of disturbance, I’ve been reading more, appreciating old English, self studying the art of typography, and handlettering/ english calligraphy, whatever you want to call it. It’s beautiful. I bought my first ink, holder, nibs and watercolour stuff to practice on. I find it teaches me patience, discipline, and also helps me go into deep focus. Then awful neck and wrist cramps. But first, deep zen, intense focus.



From calligraphy-by-sam



Why is there no interest in English Calligraphy in Singapore?! I’ve been searching online for months. Other than 1 other blog I found called happyhandsproject, there’s literally zero interest of English Calligraphy here. Chinese calligraphy centers are set up here, there’s a niche group of fountain pen lovers, but WHERE’S THE CALLIGRAPHY LOVE? Honestly. Jeez. It’s so hard to get materials locally. Purchasing online means shipping fees more expensive than the pens or inks themselves. I can’t bond with anyone over my overly obscure interest. ;_;


From calligifphy

Honestly, it’s beautiful. I’m nowhere that good yet. Perhaps when I do get better, I might write some stuff. Handwritten things are always more sincere. So, for now be blasted by beautiful writing from people.


Shit. I intended this to be a 10 word rant post. Damn you brain, damn thoughts.


Why are people even playing that dumb flappy bird, angry bird, that stupid runner thing on their phones or even that dratted candy crush saga? Good god.


>> 까다롭다: FUSSY

Watching Korean variety shows has become one of my fav past times. And I’m convinced Infinity Challenge and Happy Together (and everything Jaesuk is in) is my favorite. GOD YOO! *BOWS*

Today I picked up a new word, watching Happy Together, feat Hyori and her friends. In the late night cafeteria segment, the guests have brought out delicious dishes to share, but it seems to not to be good enough for our picky Myeongsu – Jaesuk team.


(See its usage: 01:02:43)

Jaesuk: “이제 조금..좀 까다로워진 네,진짜.. 조금 그래요.”


Definition (fr Naver) 1)

(성미·취향 등이) particular (about) , fussy (about) , fastidious ,difficult , (informal) picky , (informal) choosy

Eg: 그녀는 식성이 까다롭다

She‘s particular[fussyfastidiousabout food예문 발음듣기

Definition (fr Daum) 2)

[복잡하다] complicated; complex; intricate;

[어렵다] difficult; hard;

[성가시다]troublesome; vexing; delicate.

까다로운 문제
a knotty[complicated] problem; a hard nut to crack.발음 듣기
no reason whatsoever why i switched dictionaries. just grabbed whichever dictionary tab was closer. #random
PS: If you haven’t already fallen to your knees and thanked KBS for their GENEROUS  show uploads, please do so!

Mini revelation

Had a mini revelation. Apparently, whatever slow kind of language learning is paying off somehow, because I can actually read (simple) korean phrases and sentences now. 😀 Have to emphasize simple though, don’t want to get ahead of myself.

I far well know my crock-pot style of learning whatever words interest me and not actual level appropriate course materials was going to impede my language learning if I were, say aiming for Topik examinations. but thankfully (or unthankfully) I didn’t sign up for it, hence my lowered expectations. I probably can’t really speak korean though. :/

What I learnt was, it’s possible to understand something if you read it long enough, and consult google if you really get stuck. For me, sometimes the journey to find out the meaning of an unknown word leads me to new places, more interesting words that I can learn about, open more doors to different ideas. I especially love Naver’s dictionary (my life saver), but sometimes slang words isn’t part of a proper dictionary search term. Consulting the wisdom of the internet community is good to do.

What I’ve done till now to help me ease into the Korean language:

– Set my phone’s default language to Korean.

This affects my apps too, which can get from mildly challenging to overwhelming and infuriating. There is a game that you’re supposed to search for a listed item hidden among 100 items. In Korean, I sometimes have to check a dictionary to know what I was supposed to be looking for! Not so good a perk is when Samsung does its updates and all their legal text comes up in Korean..

– Learn korean lyrics with only hangul.

This is pretty basic. But not just any song! Slow ballads tend to involve things like romance and ‘I love yous’ but I found out (wait for it) rap songs prove to have better selection of words to learn. My theory is that if I’m going to rote memorize with a fun song, why waste it on slow stuff and simple words? Sure, there is the occasional bad word or two, or ten.. but rappers are more prone to writing realistic experiences. In a way, like a music autobiography, but of course it’s always better to read up the english translation beforehand to make sure they contain words you want to learn. Occassionally I come across words I’ve already learnt in the rap song, I can go back and recall how this word was used and how this one is used here. Reinforcement ftw.

– Memorized the hangul keyboard

This was more of a laziness thing. Lazy to get a korean keyboard cover. Lazy to paste stickers, want to type in korean. I started with dictionary searches with google translate. Instead of copying and pasting, I looked at the mini keyboard on google translate and used it to write words I wanted to search with.. get familiar with some keys, and then some more.. and then from there practised on my phone, and downloaded those typing apps and only use the ‘practice’ function (since the real game gives me stress and elevated heart rates)

– Do occassional reading of the korean new sites.

I shouldn’t put this in the ‘what i’ve done’ category because I haven’t really been doing… but

let’s cut me some slack. 😛

– Translate something every other day

Shamelessly, I followed B2ST and dedicated myself to translating their tweets and other SNS accounts. Double motivation for me 1) Do it for the fans who don’t know Korean 2) Personal motivation

Of course, there are always days where I wish they didn’t tweet or instagram something really long and tough to translate, but I sucked it up and stuck at it.


What I eventually want to be doing:

– Reading a korean novel.
– Be productive in studies and not distract my hours away doing something completely irrelevant
– Be able to surf and navigate korean websites
– Learn Busan dialect (far off plan)
– Use facebook in Korean.

(Side note: What the heck is up with wordpress? It’s laggy as hell. I typed in notepad and pasted it here)