나는 A형 이다.

Let’s talk about blood types. What’s yours? I’m A. Do you know about blood types? Koreans, like Japanese people, believe that blood types can tell to a certain extent and account for some of your behaviour and mannerisms. Biological vs socialization vs personal preference. Why do people work so hard to explain why certain behave in a certain manner? Personally, I don’t think you can explain biologically how blood type relates to personality changes, especially with something as subtle as personality and preferences, but a little superstition can be pretty fun.

Blood type may not be directly translated to 피 타이프. BOO. that would make memorizing so much easier. But 혈액형 has a hanja = 血液型  (Xie yi xing) <– if you read chinese, it’s slightly easier? Not really? okay, i didn’t think so either. 😛



How about Horlick(s) Hyung? Much easier, but just remember it’s hyeol-ek and not actually horlicks. Hahahah

Being a true blue 귀찮니스 (a lethargic, lazy slob who finds everything troublesome), i’m too lazy to actually write up nice long post about blood types. Instead I will lift off people’s hard work and credit them. (No, actually, this post is really interesting, just click to read it on another tab or something)

According to the theory, people’s ABO blood type is predictive of their personality, temperament, and compatibility with others. The adjectives which best describe the traits of each blood type are as follow: Type A is considerate but shy, B is creative but whimsical, O is sociable but unorganized and AB is rational but calculating.

Looks interesting. Let’s look in detail. I’m A. as for the accuracy of it… I wrote this post unplanned.. hmm… yeah.. the outcome of the situation, MUST BE IN MY FAVOR OF COURSE. nvm if it’s not fair. … Um.. Emotions? People can tell when I’m pissed.

Heh. I guess you can kinda guess how accurate this is going to be.

Personality Characteristics
Type A
 Presence of mind, serious, patient, calm & cool;
• Coherent character, can be relied on & trusted, but stubborn;
• Plan everything out beforehand, and carry out tasks with seriousness and consistency;
• Try to be fair and find the ideal outcome to any situation;
• Tend to keep themselves separate from others, especially those who don’t share their opinions;
• Tend to try and keep their emotions and thoughts hidden from others, and share them only when comfortable.


Type B
• Tend to be exceedingly curious about everything;
• Are easily vexed and grow exasperated if things don’t go the way they want them to go;
• Usually have a strong drive to be the best at whatever they set their mind to doing; however, they also tend to neglect other tasks for the sake of whatever they are focusing on;
• Have a hard time multi-tasking;
• Tend to be loners, and keep themselves isolated from others;


Type AB
• Usually gentle and emotionally sensative;
• Are very empathetic and careful when dealing with other people, taking care to consider the other point of view;
• Easily become lost in thought;
• Are sometimes looked at as having 2 personalities, because they tend to keep their true selves hidden from strangers;
• They have many friends, but also require time alone.


Type O
• Are usually the “cheerleader” of the group;
•Tend to be more followers than leaders, accepting whatever the plan is and going alone with it without protest;
• Very generous and kindhearted;
• Generally well-liked by most people;
• Very flexible, and adapt easily to change;
• They are easily influenced by others, as well as perceived authorities, such as television personalities;
•Generally trustworthy, but can sometimes make mistakes due to lapses of focus.

So what’s the point of me posting this? You might get mad at me at my half assed style of blogging but..

I followed this Blood Type A bot on twitter. 그리고 새로운 단어를 배웠어요.  (You can search twitter for your blood type!)

I learnt a new word for ‘jaywalking’:


무단횡단! In short, 무단 is like ‘without notice’, 횡단 is like ‘crossing the road’. Crossing the road without notice, haphazardly..

This little Blood Type Botty’s tweeting to say that we should all observe the rules, and not jay walk at pedestrian crossing.  I think BloodType A bot will live happily in Japan. The traffic system in Japan is so accurate, buses, trains arrived at the exact time down to the minute written at the bus stops and laws are strictly observed.

Unlike singapore, whose info system tells me my bus is gonna  arrive in 5 minutes, when in reality it’s like 15.. OTL


*Unnecessary but obligatory disclaimer: I’m not ACTUALLY that lazy (자기 자랑 타임: I actually am doing exercises with strength lately! AM SO PROUD OF MYSELF. SLOB IS ACTUALLY TRAINING), its just I’m at work, and this is considered .. um. 월급루팡 =.=