Webstories / Novels / EBooks from Naver

I always thought I had already posted this. Oddly enough I haven’t, and it’s this secret page of web and self published stories by korean authors wannabes! I say secret, only because I always find it hard to navigate to this part of Naver in particular, and I must bookmark the link in order to return to it. and it’s this ! Image Maybe a year or so ago, when I first discovered this land of Korean readable materials, it had been a little too tough for me to read them so I would print a chapter and take a few months to digest them bit by bit. Then typical of my procrastinator style, I forgot ALL about it and one fine day after taking up 400 different interests and researching into plenty of unrelated things, guilt found its way back to into my conscience and I went back to those materials again, and was pleasantly surprised to find them not quite so tough any more (meaning a needy grip and pawing the dictionary every 2 seconds). I would like to attribute this to it being an indicator of my somehow bumming about passive receptive type lifestyle has improved my Korean language somehow and not that leaving lonely neglected korean books lying around for a year will magically dumb its own language down in a bid to get its owner to perhaps take another interest in it. Image If you know anything about the good quality offered by Naver in their webtoon department, you’ll be pleased to see a similar sort of layout in their web-novel section. Neatly categorized in a weekly calendar layout the releases available on respective days, readers will be able to get a good selection of the latest chapters published from their favourite stories, or if you prefer the traditional sorting by genre, that is available too. Naver keeps the completed novels (much like webtoons) available in archive, so you need not worry if you can’t catch up with the weekly updates from your favorite author. In case you scoff at the idea of ‘pfft, wannabe writers, they must have shit grammar and are not going to contribute to my learning foundation!’ this is where voting scores can help. Each chapter is open to vote as soon as its release, so high voting scores show a general consensus of ‘okay, this author is reliable, writes interesting stories’. Like the Korean drama style where episodes are shot in a chronological order (so the show’s producers can see reactions and alter stories, murder boring characters if need be), you can use the scores as some sort of indicator when you make your selection. However, you should be aware that some writers write colloquial, short form, and I’ve even read one that had dialogue all in Busan dialect!!

You'll need a Naver account for these, obviously.

You’ll need a Naver account for these, obviously, but a google search will yield hundreds of fanclubs with tutorials on how to do so.  (I must admit I haven’t bothered to figure out just what Challenge League means just yet..)

The general list of genre categories are: – 로맨스 (romance)SF&판타지 (SciFi & Fantasy)무혐 (Period dramas) 미스터리 (Mystery)

e-BOOK 서울특별시 전자책 서비스

If you’re a very determined Korean learner, you can scour the lands of the web to find all sorts of books with key search terms like 웹소설, 전자책, e북. I suppose these Naver web books may be too simple for you; in which case, do try the Naver Books section, or if you like the magazine style, then try the whole range of digitized ones offered by Seoul.go.kr

Story about a psychology expert turned teacher named Sumi, who helps a boy named Daehyeon who has the powers to ‘see’ the underwear of girls he touches, and is surprisingly frustrated by it, since it’s not something he can control. Lol

Story about a psychology expert turned teacher named Sumi, who helps a boy named Daehyeon who has the powers to 'see' the underwear of girls he touches, and is surprisingly frustrated by it, since it's not something he can control. Lol Or if you’re into mobile books, there are some free, like this one I’m reading, called 기억의 주인. The first part worth 400+ pages are all free!


헤피 한글날! Hangul Day

This post was late. I’ll explain why at the end of the post.



It’s hangul day today! The beautiful characters of Hangul was born on this day, invented by King Sejong.

To celebrate this event, seems like Naver has launched a new line of Nanum fonts! (Thanks to the headsup from 2chois) These Nanum fonts have been redesigned to provide better reading from mobile phones, a very kind gesture may I add. Hangul is a beautiful language, and to see it celebrated like this makes me proud. Even though I’m not Korean. Haha.


Anyway, you can download these fonts (The Nanum Barun Gothic font),


(The Nanum Gothic/myungjo font – left right respectively)


(The Nanum handwritten font)


and an decorative looking (Nanum Gothic Echo font)

Anyways! They are all on the same page! Just scroll down to download. To download these, click on that black button, which opens the options:

TTF 나눔고딕에코 일반용 (TTF Nanum (name of the font) for normal use | 윈도우용 (Windows) 맥용 (Mac)
OTF 나눔고딕에코 그래픽용OTF For graphic use) 윈도우용 (Windows) 맥용 (Mac)
Also, they are providing Android theme launchers featuring these fonts!
They are available here, 3 options (each slider’s link is different, make sure you check them out)
SKIP if you’re here for korean related post only because the following is just personal ramble.
Now, why I was late in this post was because…… I’m going to go to Seoul next week. Alone.
I was planning to do double trips this year to gear me up for solo trip to Korea sometime next year.. Since I’m not naturally independent, and I surround myself with independent friends who always have no problems doing lots of things.. it’s a very attractive quality, I feel. Something which I lack, I hope to have. So right before my trip, I knew of my friend’s dad being hospitalised for tests.. Thinking it could be an omen, I decided to meet her to plan for our trip anyway..) It turns out on Hangul Day.. when I was typing this post.. I received a message from her, saying that her dad has cancer and she won’t be able to make it to Seoul with me. She’d have to forgo her plane tickets and hotel accomodations.. amounting to 1+k. .. to go consult doctors.  So I saved the post and waited.
When I first heard it, I had no reaction. Then time trickled by.. and I slowly got the sense of impending doom… On one hand I feel really bad for her dad, because I was also worried for my parents.. my mom naturally has bad digestion and vomits and feels full easily.. The early satiation is one symptom for  stomach cancer. In fact, I did research just the week before about stomach cancer.. And I have a higher risk for it just by being blood type A. People with blood type A have a higher tendency feel more stressed. Instead of my friends who have relaxed attitudes, I would be the worrier. In fact, I am probably over prepared for the korea trip. But it still is not enough. I slept late each day trying compile info for the trip, I felt less excited.  People who smoke too have a higher risk for cancer. I don’t smoke and hate smoke passionately..
But then Solo travel was something I always read bloggggssssss and blogs about. They fill me up with hope and inspiration, thinking one day I’ll try my own.. the day before I had a chat with my mom about this exact topic.  She suggested I go to nearby countries to test it out first.. but the month before I just came back from Osaka (have to blog about this) and it was supposed to be my ‘practice trip’. Oh well, I found it tiring.
Now I have to go alone, I’m slowly feeling reexcited about it.  Even preparing the itinerary I wasn’t really not interested, constantly looking for alternatives and things to do… It was boring when I had to plan for Osaka trip though. I dunno. What happened to my passion for Japan?? Maybe the prospect of having many things to buy plus kpop in seoul is just appealing. I’m not even planning a kpop centered trip. I’m just going to visit the JYP and Cube cafe for a short sit in and then go my way and look at the sights. Perhaps my interest in S Korea extends far beyond the music and seeps into the culture too.
I can’t wait to see all the stores, try some korean food (I will be so intimidated with the menu), go to cafes, see the hongdae night performances, visit the rivers, meet people,
In fact, yes, meet people. I actually RSVPed a languagecast meet up in Hongdae, during the time I’ll be in Seoul!! So exciting! To meet the cast of Talk to me in Korean, and meet up with english speaking people practising various languages! I’ll definitely have problems finding the place (I don’t even deal well with directions in singapore..), but one of my dreams is to meet inspiring people who will spur me to improve myself. I think it’s going to be good! Going to bring a note book to learn new stuff. 😀
I’m surprised, because I’m not usually a doer. I talk, think, imagine, say but seldom take action. This time I’ve been given the chance to do this solo travel.. (Still feeling sad for my friend though) gosh, everyone please eat healthy, no salty and preserved foods, or stuff rich in sugar, don’t smoke or stay by people who do (Gonna have problems in seoul)
And just now I went to apply for a credit card(s).. one bank’s lady was so kind! she offered to expedite things for me so I can get my card asap before my trip. whether I get a card or not will affect if I will have Olleh egg wifi to rent at Incheon lol. If you don’t, you’ll have to leave a 200kwon deposit. Which is lame. who wants to leave extra money until the end of their trip and collect it before going back? Haha. The second bank Citi bank is quite amusing. The sales guy there was especially chatty and friendly.. and quite shy?  I dunno. He switched between moments of professionalism ‘Miss I need you to sign here’ and just plain friendly ‘Oh you stay here, me too actually. Is your office the one near this this and there’s lots of xx bank staff there?), and I wanted to laugh because it was kinda amusing. In the end, with his help I was signed to a lot of random cards. 😀 Yeah well. I can feel rich now. Without actually wanting to. Haha. I actually feel like being social. Which is so rare.
These moments are normal for a sociable person, but you have no idea how much I treasure moments where people treat me nice. 원래 나는 별로 사교적인 사람 아니니까.. ^^; 아무튼!  I’m also going for another meetup tomorrow. With a group of locals learning korean. Hopefully it won’t be like japanese meetups, where basically almost everyone is pro at it, and they make me feel inferior.. :< Is that why I don’t have much good feelings for Japanese (except for this really handsome guy OMG I MUST BLOG ABOUT THIS – *RAMBLE) I’ll update about the meet up tomorrow! 😀

>> 까다롭다: FUSSY

Watching Korean variety shows has become one of my fav past times. And I’m convinced Infinity Challenge and Happy Together (and everything Jaesuk is in) is my favorite. GOD YOO! *BOWS*

Today I picked up a new word, watching Happy Together, feat Hyori and her friends. In the late night cafeteria segment, the guests have brought out delicious dishes to share, but it seems to not to be good enough for our picky Myeongsu – Jaesuk team.


(See its usage: 01:02:43)

Jaesuk: “이제 조금..좀 까다로워진 네,진짜.. 조금 그래요.”


Definition (fr Naver) 1)

(성미·취향 등이) particular (about) , fussy (about) , fastidious ,difficult , (informal) picky , (informal) choosy

Eg: 그녀는 식성이 까다롭다

She‘s particular[fussyfastidiousabout food예문 발음듣기

Definition (fr Daum) 2)

[복잡하다] complicated; complex; intricate;

[어렵다] difficult; hard;

[성가시다]troublesome; vexing; delicate.

까다로운 문제
a knotty[complicated] problem; a hard nut to crack.발음 듣기
no reason whatsoever why i switched dictionaries. just grabbed whichever dictionary tab was closer. #random
PS: If you haven’t already fallen to your knees and thanked KBS for their GENEROUS  show uploads, please do so!

The Things I Have Been Doing Which May Or May Not Have Helped in Learning Korean.

(The following post is part farcical and part boring life elaborated into unnecessary lengthiness, coupled with a smidgen of sleep deprivation.)

I don’t know if I should apologize for an absence, because I don’t believe I have a readership to disappoint with untimeliness. Ha! *rebellion* So, I have been busy with various things, in which I shall explain in a whimsical manner because serious is overrated.


For starters, preparing itinerary for Korea and Japan! I will be going to these two places, later this year! Kansai with my kazoku (가족) and one month later to Seoul my predestined 고향 with a friend, despite having never gotten used to the spicy and sour food of Korea. I’m worried because I may be putting these two places too high up on my pedestal of expectations. And you know what about expectations? Root of heartache. But I shan’t think too much about things I can’t control, because procrastination comes first.

I’m also worried about whether to get Gardasil vaccination. It’s a vaccine to prevent 2 strains of HPV virus that may lead to cervical cancer. Which is spread through sexual activity. It’s a highly controversial drug, and I’ve read good and bad things about it. I have less than a year to decide because that’s when the government won’t subsidise it anymore, and when I stop being 26. Growing up sucks. As if figuring out life isn’t hard enough, strangers are pushing insurance and health packages down my throat ‘BEFORE YOU REGRET IT AND IT’S TOO LATE, GET THIS’. People really capitalize on fear. Fear drives people to desperate measures and fork out incredible amounts for insurance, vaccination, horror movies, haunted houses, kidnapping.. but I digress. Geez, I barely learnt how to crawl and you’re telling me to fly!

걷지도 못하면서 날려고 한다

歩きも出来ず 飛んでみる。

Trying to fly before you can even walk.               

걷다 – walk 歩く

못하다 – unable, cannot, can’t できない

날다 – fly 飛ぶ


Next, I’m also trying to read the Hello Wedding naver novel. And hello, it isn’t easy. I feel seriously inadequate reading it because I get stuck at say, every 2 seconds. Naver is my best friend, and Daum is my older brother whom I can kinda rely on and sometimes even Google Translate when I want his irrelevant take on things. Together, we form a team of the Nerd and the Antisocial 2.0I printed 제1화 out, carried all over to work and home, bus and train, to my 주방 dinner table and to my bed. It’s been dog earred, folded it all over, highlighted, written on it, searched a million entries (a slight exaggeration). I ignore the world and avoid eye contact all because of you, Chapter 1. I’ve pored through again and again, the text that doesn’t make sense, over and over till it does. And then the sense of feeling stupid washes over me because I had been interpreting stuff wrong. If I learnt anything, feeling stupid is critical in the process in learning something new. Feeling dumb and humiliated motivate you to move PAST the ignorant stage so you remember better.

[Language tip! Remember those embarrassing times when you said something really foolish and got laughed at, and this memory never leaves you? To remember something really well at your own expense, go out and translate something wrong and publish it to the world. When the 40th person corrects you, you’ll remember it well.]

Also I’m reading several webtoons at once. Several because I’m hardcore like that (and because it’s easier and it has large pictures). Because I have commitment issues, I prefer to do the quantity over depth thing, you know. cover more ground. I have been reading more 2011 Horror Short stories because.. it’s horror and I love it. Also I found another semi horror webtoon ‘A good day to study’ 공부하기 좋은 날. Omnibus webtoon. Have you wondered what Omnibus meant? I did. Man. I always thought it was Omniverse (lit – multiple universe). Turns out, it’s a film term, to mean several short stories, linked by a general common theme. So ombnibus-ly in this context, is a webtoon with a collection of short toons with the common theme of studying, stress, school, horrible people, and suicide. If you’re familiar with korean societal issues and recent news, you’ll see suicide of teens and students aren’t uncommon. There is another webtoon with that similar theme too, I’ve previously reviewed  – 기기귀귀 (and I STILL think it’s creaking noises. Nope, it’s 奇奇怪怪. It’s similar because our protagonist is a bullied boy who feels like Raito with his death note because he has found a way to murder others students by hanging people’s portraits. Really, that’s the gist of that story.

Thinking. Yes thinking. I think my brain is a flood gate that switches on the minute I wake up. I think about things like ‘why do I think aloud in a language all the time?’ That’s stereotypical. I mean, in films, people think aloud in their heads in their voice and accent, in the language they speak. I wonder if watching those movies someone subconsciously influence me to think in a language and in my own voice too? Wouldn’t it be equally possible to think in terms of colours, music, numbers and other languages? I try to monitor my thoughts to see if I can think of concepts without actually thinking in words, but of course, the moment I’m aware of trying to do said mental action, my brain has announced and alerted the rest of my consciousness, which renders this subconscious stealthy surveillance experiment on on my cognitive process completely futile. This is probably why people do mental experiments on others.

Rap. Oh really. it’s an activity I do. Calms me down. Doing repetitive stuff, even if your brain is familiar with it triggers some kind of a stress relief agent. Typically, I move from remembering set phrases, movie scripts, korean rap lyrics, and recite them back when I don’t want my brain to atrophy (when I’m walking, peeing, waiting for people, bathing). Currently, I’m trying to memorize this unreasonable Busan rap music ‘Eh Heh’ by the unreasonably fast Simon D. I’ve gotten the whole first chunk till the chorus down pat.



Pinning. I don’t pine for people, I pin for myself. Ohloldidyouspotmyreallybadpin? 헉, i mean, can you really help it if you’re addicted to aesthetics? No. Even if it’s at the cost of holding in pee for 2 hours just to pin pin pin pin pin pin pin pin pin pin..

Favorite Naver Webtoons

(Before I start, I wanna just say that my list of webtoons aren’t after careful deliberation going through all of the webtoons on Naver because that’s just impossibru. I’m a fussy reader, so I just selected some that looked nice.)

Ever since I discovered Naver’s webtoons I’ve been spending more time with it. Ok correction. Ever since I started self learning korean language and rediscovering Naver webtoons, I’ve been spending more time with it.

I’ve actually… seen the webtoon page before. At that time, I had no idea of course, it was a webtoon treasure chest chock full of nice cartooned goodies. My first encounter with it was to see a horror toon. You may even have seen it posted somewhere

[ENG ver.] Bongcheon-Dong Ghost (by Horang) ]


How can you not like a sexy gait like that?

It kinda took the web by storm. At least, I was very fascinated with the webtoon because I am interested in scary things. I kinda wanted to see more, but unfortunately, there were only 2. The second one was

[ENG ver.] Ok-su Station Ghost – HORANG (옥수역 귀신 영문판)

Or even this drunken lady?

When I found Naver webtoon, it didn’t even remember this horror toon at all. Nice to be reunited again. The series is a small collection of short horror stories in 2011. Not all of the stories there are good, but they are worth a read! And if you haven’t, those two above should definitely be read. ;P


Let me get back to my main point. I’m really liking this webtoon thing! It does encourage me to read and expose me to many more words in the everyday context which I would otherwise not have done so, if I had chosen to only translate kpop related stuff.

Here’s a list of the webtoons I keep going back to:

– Twenties 투엔티스 (4.5/5)


As mentioned before , this was the first story I read, and it’s still on going. Twenty’s Love Story is a romantic comedy about a 20 year old boy who is part of his friend’s group of freshly graduated 20 year olds who haven’t gotten a girlfriend yet and getting chided for it. One day he meets this really 4Dimensional 사차원 girl who loves coffee, is a barista wannabe and says the weirdest things, so most of their dates take place in a café. I like cafés and coffee and 4D people, so I like this one. Plus, it’s really funny. Of course, there’s a twist in this that makes things interesting, but I shan’t spoil it for you.

– My young kitten and old dog 내 어린고양이와 늙은개 (5/5)

title_thumbnail_20110404174155_t125x101I love this one so much♥! Animal friendly. It’s so adorable. Written from the perspective of the battle-worn dog who still has as much love for his family as before, and the newly adopted kitten who is a little nippy about fingers and itty bits, they share their daily ups and downs of being the pets of their owner. Chapter by chapter, the artist reveals things like the history of their adoption, times when the kitty trips because it can’t see properly, how the once black puppy has now faded to grey dog, times where they are grateful for the accommodation the family makes for them.. It’s all cute and touching and heartwarming at the same time. It’s a bit sad that the webtoon has concluded early this year, but there are many chapters to this one.

Smile Brush 스마일브러시 (3.9/5)


title_thumbnail_20100610110221_t125x101Return of the 4D 사차원 girls, this one is probably the most out of reality. Haha. She’s really quirky, and does the silliest things ever, but relates to almost everyone in their daily life. In Japanese, she’s a bit of a 天然ぼけ, and rightly so. In the first chapter, she sits waiting for a bus, but left her coffee cup. Later she goes back to accompany her cup, worried it’s lonely sitting there. Another time, she spent all her strength pushing out the last bit of the toothpaste with a satisfied grin, only to have it all wash down the drain when she put the toothbrush under the tap. Definitely the dreamer of the bunch 🙂 It scores slightly lower for me because sometimes the korean is a bit more complex to read. Or I suck. Both maybe.

(I haven’t read this one, but there’s another installment after Smile Brush, Smile brush, old photos 스마일 브러시, 오래된 사진. it’s one of those ‘look at old photos and reminiscing past memories. If you like smile brush, do consider this one too)

Welcome to Apartment 305 어서오세요.305호에 (4.2/5)


I really enjoy this one too. This one is the life of 2 people trying to live together. The only problem is that one is homo and the other, homophobic. At times, it can seem a little over (which is why I can’t give it the 4.5 I wanted), but like the manhwa claims, it’s an exploration of two different mindsets, and no disrespect intended for homos and heteros alike. This one offers 171 chapters, and there’s also an english version available! (Update July 13: they took it down. Boo) (though it’s only translated halfway. It doesn’t seem like they will be continuing. Boo. But assuming if you can get through 71 + chapters with the english version as a guide, you should be able to finish the rest of the 100+ on your own. 😀

Strange and weird 기기괴괴 (4/5)


I didn’t realize until now that 기기괴괴was a legit word. I always thought it was creaking sounds. lol! But rather than my translation of ‘strange and weird’, its hanja is 奇奇怪怪, if you can read Chinese, you’ll know exactly what it means. This webtoon is horror! So for the non horror fans, please still give it a try? In the world of 기기괴괴, there is a story of a myth. Set in a school life, with the usual bullies and bullied, it is said that there is a secret gallery. This secret museum contains the portrait of students. If you hang someone’s portrait in this museum, they will be cursed, and death will befall them. Sounds totally standard right? (*regular horror fan here) It’s quite predictable, and prediction tells me, there’s a price to pay for this curse. This is a new webtoon, and so I won’t know what the price is yet. This one I do quite like too.

2011 Collection of short horror stories 2011 미스테리 단편 (3.9/5)


The above 2 stories are in this series! It is like what the title says, a collection of short stories, that range from really simple to some tougher to read ones. I can’t give this one a high rating, because even though some I really enjoy, there are also some ‘meh’ ones inside. I do recommend this one though, because it’s short, you can get done with them sooner. Also because it’s horror. (LOL. I can’t access 19+ so I really have limited horror webtoons – Whai nobody like dem?)

Love is all an act 사랑을 연기하다 (3.9/5)


Romance is back! This one is rather tragic though. Lead guy basically leads a dreary life, plagued by his memories of his ex who dumped him. Fast forward a few years, and this sad guy has gotten even sadder, with a terminal illness to boot! As if life isn’t hard enough, Korean drama life only likes to make it worse by giving people super advanced cancer and 2 months. So this protagonist, now looking like a complete hobo, has to receive one final joke from the Korean drama world – A lottery win. All these sound incredulous. I agree. But let’s roll along with it.. This hobo decides not to do the good deed I expected, which was to donate it to a charity, instead he decides to squander it on a prostitute and get her to play his girlfriend for 2 months in exchange for 3 million (or something). Fine, do it this way. For values and morals sake it gets a lower score from me. (If prediction central is right again, his old girlfriend will be jealous, and prostitute might actually fall for him…)


These are those I have listed but haven’t read a lot (or at all). I will describe those I’ve read.

Hateful Comments Game 악플게임


악플 is like a short form of negative reply, hateful, spiteful, critical comments and can lead to cyber bullying. I haven’t read it at all, but the title caught my attention.


Story of someone I know 아는사람 이야기


Seems to be romance.



Good day to study 공부하기 좋은 날


Under thriller section, so it should be scary right? I hope!

Update: A collection of short stories relating to the theme of school, stress, suicide, etc. Not bad a read actually!

Mystery Horror? Subway Train 미스테리호러지하철


Friend mysteriously gets killed, friends who turn up at the funeral decide to investigate.


Brother’s here 오빠 왔다


Day to day stuff that irks the hell out of the sister that the brother does.


Strange tale of a female comedian and a male hair designer.



A simple study of Blood Types 혈액형에 관한 간단한 고찰


It’s really popular. This one has an english version floating around too.

I tried other stuff Like ‘Penguin loves Mev‘, or another ‘waegook in korea’? one, but I kinda like those above better. Do you have any to recommend?


If you’re more into text and less pictures, there’s also a Naver short story section, which I can’t seem to find the shortcut key to from Naver’s home page, so I type in the url everytime. 😦 There are limited selection over at the novels portion (i’m trying to read Hello Wedding), but I still like my cartoonated stuff more.

Check it out though!