Get Away Get Away Get Away and Go on a Holiday!

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Yeah it looks short and stuff, but this actually took me 1 hr and 4 tries. OMG.


One of my favourite songs to sing or listen to when I feel the incredible urge to escape. You should check the lyrics out for this song! It’s one of the rare songs that has a good study vocabulary. 😀



Bucket list of things

Hi peeps! How’s your Korean learning going? Well, I am kinda ashamed to admit I haven’t been doing any ground breaking new method (other than my regular reading books, watching shows and listening to songs, and pawing through the naver dict), but I am however proud to say that I think I found my passion for learning things in general! I’ve always been a fan of the idea of putting time into learning lifelong skills that will be useful in life – I haven’t strayed from this principle. In fact, I’ve dedicated even more time into really putting the things I’ve learnt to good use.


Hence, in the past few months, I’ve been just revamping my lifestyle, intensively absorbing and practising like a sponge :

1,2) Baking and Cooking


Indonesian style Ondeh Ondeh


Noodles, but I’m just really trying to perfect cooking of eggs.


Apple muffins with random test flavours

3) Doing Calligraphy


Yes, this is only pencil, but I can’t put up UNPERFECT THINGS! When I’m sure my inked copy will be fabulous, I’ll upload it then.


Some black light UV Blackletter when I was too cheap poor to afford real good calligraphy markers and used my highlighter instead. Turned into some disco calligraphy party!


Sorry for all these unedited unglam pics.. I dont have access to Photoshop now

Which makes me appreciate the good work people in the past have done to create beautiful, elegant writing that still stays true to form today. That’s legit awesome.

4) Watching a shit ton of wildlife/food/health/survival documentaries (I recently got addicted to Les Stroud’s Survivorman and Ray Mears’s Extreme Survival series, now I’ve learnt a bunch of survival skills! Not that you care, but if you’re also interested in the possibilities of perhaps one day being stranded in the wild, escaping ZOMBIES, this may come in handy.

I’ve a new-found appreciation of animals and their way of life, learnt some good principles from animals(!) about life, death, clean, good healthy food, making them allows me to know exactly what I’m putting into my body. Because of all these health documentaries, I’ve also got more information and understanding about eating disorders, the difficulty of people and fast food, obesity, health problems and I’ve bought myself a blender to do juicing and green smoothies now. (But of course, learn how to do it, and what vegs can benefit from boiling prior to blending for maximum benefits)

5) exercising – first rule of zombie apocalypse is to do cardio.

Just kidding. I get my exercise from the good people of FitnessBlender. They have really good stuff and knowledge about healthy living too.

6) and casually listening to korean songs and reading korean novels without pressuring myself to know everything, speaking of which.. have you guys heard Eddy Kim’s new mini album? It’s awesome!

These two in particular, have been on repeat nonstop.. which means:


Sarah Andersen’s bloody hilarious and relatable comics are one of my latest gems. i can’t believe how much I love this. My other fav comic is Bill Amend’s Foxtrot and that’s like decades ago that I decided this was going to a comic strip artist I like.

(Sarah Andersen is a great student illustrator, but her page can be quite hard to find so here you go, MAGICAL LAND OF AWESOME COMICS)


yup. That’s all the stuff I did.


Best blog post conclusion ever.



[TRANS] No Reply – 널 지울 수는 없는지

 No Reply – Can’t erase you

노 리플라이 – 널 지울 수는 없는지

The depths of my heart

is filled with longing

Living in the films of the past

All that I intended to forget, our beginning that we treated with care

I searched amongst the hardened scars of mine

내 마음속에 가득한

많은 그리움들이

오래된 필름 속에 살고

다 잊으려던 우리의 조심스런 처음이

내 무뎌진 상처 속을 헤매네

I can’t erase this, can I?

I’ll eventually forget all of these, won’t I

The thing they call memories are vague, but

I probably can’t stop myself, can I

지워지지 않는건지

언제쯤 다 잊혀질지

기억이란 건 희미하지만

멈출 수는 없는지

Always, concealed in the drawer

The letter you gave to me

I stood, staring at it for a long time

늘 서랍 속에 숨겨둔

네가 내게 준 편지

한참 동안 바라보며 서있어

I can’t erase this, can I?

I’ll eventually forget all of these, won’t I

The thing they call memories are vague, but

I probably can’t stop myself, can I

지워지지 않는건지 

언제쯤 다 잊혀질지

기억이란 건 희미하지만

멈출 수는 없는지

Time will heal everything, won’t it?

I’ll be able to erase another someone won’t I

Even if I meet another someone and smile

but because of just your image

I won’t be able to erase you

시간이 다 해결할지

다른 누군가 지울지

누군가를 만나 웃고 있어도

너의 모습뿐인데

널 지울 수는 없는지


Translated by faeleia for B2stera

Please take out with credit, thanks!

This song was recommended by Yoseob on 6 Aug. I’m surprised because I think I like all his song recommendations.

I was asked about this song’s translations, which was not available, so i took a shot at song translation. It’s harder than regular translations, because you’re supposed to translate the essence in the same short amount of words.