B2ST – Good Luck!

BEAST is back!!

Their new song is Good Luck, and it reminds me of the more mainstream kpop we’re used to, but still retaining that unique beast sound. I’ve ordered an album (white!) as gesture of support as usual. Not gonna give a review (there are more and more people who do those reaction videos of every single damn artist hoping to get popular. *Attentionwhoremongerscough* Yeah no thanks.)


In my opinion, they are too kind to wish happiness to the girl who dumped their asses. But that’s Junhyung. That boy writes sappy forlorn love stuff with some obligatory bad English like ‘EH! BABEH! UHH! YEA!’. I’m not so kind. In my opinion, a more appropriate song would also be called ‘Good Luck’ –


“Good Luck! Baby good luck to you,

when you are burning in pain..

I hope you choke on your ramyun too

and get bad eye circles and break outs..



Good luck! Baby good luck to you,

May you be lactose-intolerant, 

having drank lots of milk

and the loo has no toilet paper..

yeah BEST of luck to you.”


(BUT IT DOESN’T EVEN RHYME!) See. That’s why I’m not counselling people any more with regards to their romantic woes.


My blog may be titled as a 귀찮다/귀차니스트 ie, procrastinator’s blog, hence allowing me to blog on a basis of a whim rather than regular scheduled timings, but truth to be told, I am anything but lazing at any time. Unless I tried to exercise, then yeah for the next few hours I’m the worst piece of lard plopped on my bed. Like I previously mentioned, I’m a huge thinker. When your brain is moving at 100 miles an hour, it looks like I’m not doing anything, but I’m entertaining ideas of what to do, try out, deciding courses of action. When I’m on my phone, it looks like I’m listening to music, but I’m actually memorizing the lyrics and studying vocab usage. I may be surfing the net, but I have 25 tabs open regularly with 7 different things I’m researching on. I read more pages of the korean novel in my phone and secretly memorized the lyrics to ‘Good Luck’ on the bus my way to work. Actually productive!


It’s hard work! To look like you’re not doing anything and hide away the piles of paper I’ve been practising calligraphy on.. It’s like an undercover cop pretending to be a hobo. I wonder why I’m so secretive and territorial. Somehow, I don’t really like people to know exactly what I’m doing and thinking and feeling. Maybe it’s me being perfectionist and not ever being ready to let people see what I’ve learnt. Maybe I’m a descendant of a squirrel and a cat. Am I the only one?


I’ll badly conclude my blog post as usual, because nobody reads this far into lengthy posts with no pictures.



힘입다 “Wearing strength?”


BELATED POST. You do realize 귀찮다 does stand for something right? If only my mind works like wireless and just uploads immediately as I think, I believe this blog would be wayyyyyyy updated with more posts.


The thing about translating things everyday – it forces me to read a lot of stuff. And the trade off is that I probably am missing out on formal terms you see in newspapers, but I get a bunch of more colloquial expressions.

I recently learnt this:


Naturally, I assumed it was wearing strength, because 힘 is a noun commonly used to mean ‘strength, energy, power’ but I realised (rightfully) that it sounds weird. And indeed, the dictionary states:  (owe, be indebted to) but the japanese translation offers a bit more:

 負う (indebted); 

お陰をこうむる(someone else suffers thanks to/as a result of/for you);

 力にあずかる (gathering strength) 

looking at the last 2 japanese explanations – I’m a bit confused again.  Let’s dive in:


せんぱい(seniors)に負う(indebted to) 所(spots, places)が 多い(many)

선배에게(seniors) 힘입은 바 많다

indebted to senior (in various places/occasions)

……okay. seems like it’s indebted to a third party. Is it possible to be indebted to yourself? … Yes

그의 성공은 노력에 힘입은 것이다.

His success was prompted by his effort.

How does this relate to what I’m translating?

This was the original sentence I got from Yoseob’s instagram post


성원(support) 에 힘입어서 졸린(sleepy)눈(eyes) 비벼(rub)가며(while) 원본(original ver) 투척(throw). 진정한(real) 새벽짤(morning shot) 을 원하는군(want)

Taking some liberties in translation

So here, it seems to be like “Indebted to the support (from you fans), I’m throwing out this original ver while rubbing my eyes (T/N: it’s late). The authentic shot that (I) wanted (to show) <– now i’m still unclear whether if it’s the fans or he wants to show this pic. Feel free to correct me! That is how I learn anyway!).

Word list

아.. 週末は短いね・・・ 주말은 짧다… I’ve been so busy lately, I can’t even find time to properly write a blog post. This shall be short.

A random word list of the words I’ve learnt today:

  • 말온김에 – speaking about …/そう言えば
  • 철 없다 – childish. 
  • 퍼가기 – embed (from my attempt to embed said insta post below)
  • 질서 – order 

From naver:

질서 秩序

(public) order

질서를 지키다

keep[maintainpreserve] (public) order

Today, a random fan drew on Junhyung’s (member of BEAST) shirt, causing him to upload an instagram post explaining that it would be best if order was maintained.


bigbadboii 공항에서 차에 타니까 이렇게^^ 공항에서 질서좀지키자우리… 다쳐요 너희들도 우리도..

Jun: “Took the car from the airport and this^^ Please protect us and observe order a little at the airport…there’ll be injuries.. you guys and us too..”


Seriously, about this issue, it’s so important for fans to remember that celebrities need their space too. Having bad behaviour only reflects back on the stars you like.

[Learning Korean with Kpop] BEAST – Shadow

If you don’t know by now, I’m a die hard BEAST fan. Hehe. So I feel compelled to post about this song, because I practically dedicated most of my free time to listen to this great song.

I’m a fan of learning korean (vocab) with music, especially with rap, because you learn with your fav music and still, it’s not going at a pace of a turtle. I wouldn’t think anyone would start sprouting lyrics in actual real life situations, so just note that it’s great for understanding vocab. I’ll give some simple breakdown of some words in this song, written by Yong Junhyung and buddy Kim Tae Joo~


For the translation, you can google them (one I found here)

Shadow Shadow Because I’m a shadow shadow shadow

RAP ===========

Ha, Rainy Cloudy No light Darkness day N Night 너 (you) 떠나버린
그때부터 (From that moment 어쩌면 (perhaps) Maybe 내 (my) 존재 자체없어졌지
Back in the day 화창한 날씨 화려한 불빛
항상 네 곁에 있었지 내가 있었지 내가
Cause I’m shadow shadow shadow

  • 떠나버린 is a combination of 2 words, 떠나다 (leave, depart) + 버리다 (throw, leave, abandon)
  • 존재 – existence
  • 자체 – oneself
  • 없어졌지 = conjugation of 없어지다 (disappear)
  • 화창한 날씨 = 화창하다 conjugated to form an adjective, describing the weather (날씨), which is a clear, bright sunny day
  • 화려한 불빛 = 화려하다 (conjugated adjective) describing the glimmer, light (불빛) = glamorous lights
  • 항상 네 곁에 있었지 내가 = I (내가) was (있었) always (항상) by your side (곁에)

Give me the light light light
You are ma ma ma sunrise 너 없는 난 아무것도 아냐
넌 내 마지막 You’re my last 언제까지나 You’re my last
네가 불길이라도 난 뛰어들게

  • 불길 = 불 (fire) +길 (road/path) = road of fire
  • -이라도 = suffix form, if you attach it at the end of a noun, it means even if it is ~ (even if [you] are a road of fire). <Note -이라고 is the suffix for ‘it’s called -‘; eg. 이거은 책상이라고 합니다 = This is called a table>
  • 뛰어들게 = 뛰다 (run, dash) 들다 (return) and the 게 ending is a informal form to mean i’ll do ~ for you, in this case, even
  •  불길이라도 난 뛰어들게 = even if you are a path of fire, I’ll run right back to you

너와 나의 저 하늘을 검게 물들인 저 이별을 어서(quickly) 지워줘(erase it)
더 이상 (Not anymore) 내가 다가갈 (leave) 수 없게(can’t) 너를 바라볼(look) 수 없게
네 곁에(beside) 머물고 싶어
Because I’m a shadow shadow shadow

  • 너와 나의 저 하늘을 검게 물들인 저 이별 (farewell) – everything before that is describing what kind of farewell (이별), so let’s take a closer look: 너와 나의 (yours and mine) 저 하늘 (that sky) 검게 ([making it] dark 물들인 (dyeing) = That farewell that is staining our sky dark 
  • 머물고: conjugated. The dict form is 머무르다 (stay)

간절하게 (earnestly) 원하고 있는데 (continuously desire) 눈부셨던 그때로(that time) 나 돌아갈래(return)
그림자 (shadow)처럼 (just like~) 항상 함께였던(always together) 아름다운 (beautiful) 네 미소(your smile) 가 날 (me) 비추던 (shine at)
Because I’m a shadow shadow shadow

  • 눈부셨던 – past form of 눈부시다 (dazzling, remarkable, wonderful, brilliant)
  • 그림자 처럼: just like a shadow. But what is? It’s in what follows:(항상 함께였던 = together always) = we were always together like shadow
  • 비추던 – past form of 비추다 (shine on, illuminate)

Early in the morning 오늘도 역시 (as expected) The sun is hiding
빛은(light is) 사라졌지(dissappear) 널 (you) 데리고서 (took) 저 저 멀리로(far away)
Cause I’m shadow shadow shadow

  • 데리다 – 데리다 (bring, take, transport)
  •  멀리로 – conjugated form of 멀다 (far)

Give me the light light light
You are ma ma ma sunrise 너 없는 난 아무것도 아냐
넌 내 마지막 You’re my last 언제까지나 You’re my last
네가 불길이라도 난 뛰어들게

너와 나의 저 하늘을 검게 물들인 저 이별을 어서 지워줘
더 이상 내가 다가갈 수 없게 너를 바라볼 수 없게
네 곁에 머물고 싶어
Because I’m a shadow shadow shadow

간절하게 원하고 있는데 눈부셨던 그때로 나 돌아갈래
그림자처럼 항상 함께였던 아름다운 네 미소가 날 비추던
Because I’m a shadow shadow shadow

RAP ==========

Erase erase 잊어 (forget) 지워 (erase) 이젠 (now) 이젠 싫어 (dislike)  미워 (hate)
Fall fall fallin’ down faded faded faded
I’m not a vampire not a night ghost
어둠 속에 (in the darkness) 흐느껴 네 이름 부르고 (call out)
우리가 다시 함께 하기를 기다려
Cause a shadow shadow shadow

  • 흐느껴 – 흐느끼다 (sob, weep)

Oh (너를 잊는다는 건) 나 (I) 역시(indeed) (지워진다는 걸)

  • 너를(you) 잊는다 는(noun modifier) 건(thing) – 잊다 (forget). In this clause, the main point is about ‘forgetting you’)
  • 나 (I) 역시(indeed/as expected) (지워진다(erase)는 걸(thing)) = in this second clause the point is ‘indeed, erasing myself
  • Thus when you put the line together, it goes: (The thing about) Forgetting you is indeed erasing myself

너와 나의 저 하늘을 검게 물들인 저 이별을 어서 지워줘
더 이상 내가 다가갈 수 없게 너를 바라볼 수 없게
네 곁에 머물고 싶어
Because I’m a shadow shadow shadow

간절하게 원하고 있는데 눈부셨던 그때로 나 돌아갈래
그림자처럼 항상 함께였던 아름다운 네 미소가 날 비추던
Because I’m a shadow shadow shadow
Because I’m a shadow shadow shadow

So there you go. Breakdown. I hope it helps. I can’t help but put in a little linguistic terms in it, because that’s how I was taught to analyse sentence structure when I was still studying Japanese linguistics.

Don’t forget to sing along! Singing along helps seal the memory in of what you newly learnt. Even if you are not aware of what words you are using at that time, you can sing back later and identify the words and see how they piece together now you got them memorized.

Because I really appreciate Yoseob’s advice

Yoseob went into advice mode. I love it when he does this kind of posts. Makes him deeper as a person. 🙂 Thinking ain’t all bad.

“하루를 꽉꽉 (squeeze) 채워서 (pack, fill) 살아봐요. 잠들때 기분이 굉장히 좋아요. 복싱에 헬스에 일어에 연습에 레슨에 솔직히 너무힘들다 싶다가도 ( 잠들때 오늘하루 참 잘살았다!라는생각이들면 그렇게 기분이 좋더라구요! 아! 어제 한 과목 (subject) 늘렸어요 (increased, improved). 한국사교과서를 사서 읽기시작했어요. 간만에 읽어보니 참 재밌고 스펙타클하면서 또 드라마같은.. 뭉클함과 존경심 자부심 같은 묘한 것들이 한꺼번에 몰아치더라구요. 이런 뿌리깊은 역사를 잊고 지낸 저 자신이 부끄러워지기도했구요..무튼 꼭 바쁜 하루 끝에 웃을수있는 여러분이 됩시다!”

“Try living each day to the fullest. When you finally sleep, it will feel pretty good. To be honest, boxing, health, Japanese, practice, lessons are all very tiring, but thinking before sleep ‘I (ultilised my day well and) lived well today!’ this uplifts my mood! Ah! I improved in yet another subject yesterday. I bought a Korean history textbook and have started reading it. Haven’t read (Korean history) in a while but after trying to read it, the spectacle of it was like a drama.. I was touched and felt respect and pride and such strange feelings hit me in a gush. To have lived, having forgotten such deep seated history makes me embarrassed.. ‘nyways, let’s strive to be people who can smile at the end of each busy day!

[TRANS – Article] 130105 “Yang Yoseob’s birthday celebration, Donation Project Event”

I should say that I’m a BEAST fan. They’re the main motivation for my studying of Korean. Distracts me when I’m feeling sad and what not.

Something I translated for a fan site 🙂 This short paragraph (highlighted) took me well over half hour to understand. ㅇㅅㅇ


Fans got together and took part in a gift project for BEAST’s Yang Yoseob’s birthday.

Yang Yoseob’s fanclub prepared a special event on the day of his birthday Jan 5th. They raised funds under the name of Yang Yoseob and donated the collected amount to a welfare organization.

The targeted sum to be collected was 1 million (10000000)won which was achieved and using a word play with Yoseob’s new song ‘Caffeine’ the money was delivered to a specialty cafe ‘Cafe More’ managed within the Siloam Welfare Foundation for the Visually Handicapped. The cafe conducts barista training for visually handicapped and aims to provide these individuals the skillsets for job opportunities to support themselves.

Apart from this, BEAST’s members sent out their heartwarming congratulatory birthday messages, praising colleage Yoseob:

– Yoon Doojoon “Yang Yoseob Happy birthdayyyyyy!”,

– Yong Junhyung “Yoseobi Happy birthday I love you”,

– Lee Gikwang “Today’s our Joseph(Yoseb) yoseb yosebi’s birthday. Please congratulate him.”,

– Son Dongwoon “Yoseobi hyung Haeppi(Happy) beolsudae(birthday). Be there soon!”

– Jang Hyunseung “Yoyang yoyang I seriously wish you a happy happy happy birthday. Now there’s no stopping youuu”

Netizens have responded with various comments, including ‘Yang Yoseob Happy birthday!”, “(The fandom for organizing) Yang Yoseob’s birthday celebration event are role models we should look up too.”, “The cutie who receives loves no matter where he goes”.

비스트 양요섭 생일 축하 이벤트의 일환으로 팬들이 기부 프로젝트에 나섰다.

양요섭 팬클럽 연합은 1월5일 양요섭 생일을 맞아 특별한 이벤트를 준비했다. 양요섭의 이름으로 기부금을 모금, 사회복지단체에 기부하겠다는 것.

이번 프로젝트는 목표금액인 100만원을 조기 달성했으며, 신곡 ‘카페인’ 이름에 맞춰 실로암시각장애인복지관에서 운영하는 커피전문점 ‘카페모아’에 기부금을 전달하기로 했다.

‘카페모아’는 바리스타 교육을 통해 시각장애인의 자활을 돕고 취업의 기회를 제공하는 등 각종 복지에 복지에 힘쓰고 있다.

이외에도 비스트 멤버 윤두준은 “양요섭생추우우우우욱!”, 용준형은 “요섭이 생축 사랑해”, 이기광은 “오늘은 우리 요셉요셉요셉이 생신입니다. 많이들 축하해 주세요”, 손동운은 “요섭이형 해피벌스데이. 곰방 갑니다요”, 장현승은 “요양요양요 생일 심각하게 축하축하축하 이젠 멈출수가 없어요오오”라는 양요섭 생일 축하 메시지를 보내 훈훈한 동료애를 자랑했다.

힌편 네티즌들은 “양요섭 생일 축하해!”, “양요섭 생일 축하 이벤트, 팬덤 문화 본받아야해”, “어디서나 사랑받는 귀요미” 등 다양한 반응을 보였다.

한경닷컴 bnt뉴스 기사제보 star@bntnews.co.kr


Source: Bntnews

URL: http://www.wowtv.co.kr/funfun/life/view.asp?artid=201301051929003

Translation: @faeleia

Please take out with credits.