Just White, Nothing but White

Item no. 35: Crayola

A couple of weeks ago, I stumbled upon this deliciously stark looking webpage (Brand Spirit). It features a miscellaneous collection of 100 items that is completely painted in white.

My favourite happens to be uploaded on my birthday as well:

Item no. 96: Levis

The artist, Andrew Miller explains the rationale behind the concept is to strip any given product to its purest form, on the condition that the object must either cost less than $10 (if bought), pre-owned, or given to him. In doing so, it sends a strong message about the power of product branding.

Logos and brand names that we see on a daily basis becomes so ingrained in us that we don’t give a second thought to any more has been de-constructed, and the associated objects given another chance to form a new impression on consumers.

Item no. 65: Polaroid

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