Unpretty Rapstar

So it’s been a while since I last posted anything here.. which is within reason of course. Mainly because, I’ve decided to focus my attention on other goals which doesn’t involve korean language as extensively as before, such as Calligraphy (which I’m super proud to say I’m actually pretty good at it now!), and now Fitness (gotta stop flopping around like flubber), being more Social (like, actually trying to make friends and have social life. *-* Geek girl wearing her human suit, doing human things and jumping off the roof into a pile of humans. — I’m gonna get lasik and a hair cut!! A HAIR M@#^#@^ING CUT! an annual affair! FEMALE MAINTAINENCE ACTIVITY! Kill me when I go for my first manicure in 3 yrs time–  AWAY SOCIAL ANXIETY AWAY!) and each of these are time intensive goals I’ve committed to. I’m really focused on this new set of goals for the year, and will probably write up a post talking just about the changes I’ve gone through… but I still consider Korean language very familiar to me, like a family member almost.

Recently I watched something that piqued my interest (not peaked, or peeked, or picked, or perked, my dear friends.) and I think it’ll be fun to watch! It’s called Unpretty Rapstar, and it features women rappers all trying to show dem hos who be da Head-bitch-in-charge. If you’ve seen some of my older posts, you know how I generally feel about rap. There’s already a rap centric show called Show Me The Money, and while that’s kinda up my alley too, I rather support girls, because it’s less common to see girl rappers make it out there, other than the iconic ones like Yoon Mirae and some heavily disputed idol rappers, which I won’t talk too much about.

(AOA’s Jimin’s gonna be in this one. Look at the rest staring her tinyass down. That poor girl looks like a chihuahua.)

It’s yet to be aired, but I’m crossing my fingers, hopeful. Unpretty rapstar channel on youtube includes some eng subs for their teasers. Hoping it’ll be fully subbed, cos nobody will understand wtf is being said once the beat drops. If anyone knows the successful formula for reality TV involving girls, it should involve tears, more tears, some bitchiness, some fail moments and more tears. Gotta milk the tear ducts while it’s still functioning. AS MUSH TEERS AS POSSIBAL.


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