Donkey Restaurant Kidult Dining 청춘 식당 미래소년

So I was watching Tasty Road, a reality program where they search for interesting and quaint food places based on recommendations from people on the net, and one caught my eye because they kept saying ‘당나귀(donkey) 가 있는 레스토랑(Restaurant)..’ DID YOU JUST MENTION DONKEY?


Donkeys. Meep!!

It turns out, it really is live, breathing, inquisitive donkeys! What, you mean Thanks Nature Cafe’s sheeps aren’t enough?? (I have been there! It’s a small little cosy hide away in the basement with cute little sheepies chilling by their pen. I tried to go play with them, but the outside was smoking zone and I hate cigarettes with insane passion, so I had to escape into the cafe 😦 )

This BBQ and steakhouse is called Kidult Dining (청춘 식당 미래소년), and it’s close to the Shinsa station (신사역), Line 3, exit 3.


Doesn’t even look like a BBQ house

The donkeys aren’t the main theme of the place it seems ; it’s like a BBQ place, (If I were a donkey there I’d be so stressed out seeing all my beautiful good natured friends get grilled and eaten :/ .. When will I be murdered too?! :O) but with the ambience of a boutique dessert cafe, and they have some interesting BBQed icecream dessert too.



The girls in Tasty Road practically died when they had their BBQ meat (gave it 5 stars, mood 4.5 stars, price 4 stars and Location 3 stars), but you know Koreans have some sort of obsession with BBQ meat, and they eat meat separately, on special occasions, so it feels more like a treat from the usual Korean lunch than a regular American style beef steak meal. Their comments were that if the place does get more crowded in future and they won’t accept reservations, what then? Yeah, it does look kinda small for a BBQ place, and more cosy and boutiquey than one would expect..




Ratings! (The girls tried to search for the place from Garosugil and asked 5 million people, but it looks close from Shinsa)

I did a quick google search and I can’t seem to see anyone reviewing it in English, so I thought I’d try to share about this. Haven’t been there, but you know what I realized going to Seoul, was that the maps make everything look huge, but really, Seoul is pretty small (I still remember getting out at Hongdae, and was even kind of disappointed! Here I was, all planning to do a long hike, got my gear, my water, my MAPS, PHONE WITH THE GPS!! prepared my ‘pls how do i get there, halp omg i’m lost’ speech in korean, sunglasses, travel spirit, all the additional ‘YOU CAN DO IT’ mojo and I reached my destination in 7 minutes…….#overenthusiastic). You could probably smell the restaurant from the subway exit. I never really got lost there despite all the walking, and I’m NOTORIOUS for getting lost in my own country lol, so I recommend going there to check it out if you’re heading to Seoul!

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If you don’t mind korean, here are some blogs that also talk about this diner (they have infinitely better pictures than my poor quality screen cap:





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