So Ji Sub releases a Hip Hop rap MV and…

I thought it was a joke at first but it’s bloody good!


If So Ji Sublime can get into rap, then he’s even more amazing than I thought. The whole thing looks like a vogue shoot! In fact, he inspired me to do some WREP too..


So Ji Sub’s blown my mind with hip hop, his rap’s here to stay

He’s gotta trippin, flippin, fly verses, dude’s going all the way,


So put that shit down, pick your phones and plug them earphones in,

because here comes some major sublime rhymin’ machine!



BRB. Off to drool-save some lyrics for memorization.


One thought on “So Ji Sub releases a Hip Hop rap MV and…

  1. Wow, that’s a fantastic video, so glad I found you! And I’m not a big fan of rap, either, but the one that blew me away this week is this: I wasn’t a big fan of Taeyang until Rise,, which I think is gorgeous (and this is my favorite track) and the two of them together- just wow.
    I see a lot of stuff on your blog that I want to read (and probably comment on) but for now, breakfast!

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