B2ST – Good Luck!

BEAST is back!!

Their new song is Good Luck, and it reminds me of the more mainstream kpop we’re used to, but still retaining that unique beast sound. I’ve ordered an album (white!) as gesture of support as usual. Not gonna give a review (there are more and more people who do those reaction videos of every single damn artist hoping to get popular. *Attentionwhoremongerscough* Yeah no thanks.)


In my opinion, they are too kind to wish happiness to the girl who dumped their asses. But that’s Junhyung. That boy writes sappy forlorn love stuff with some obligatory bad English like ‘EH! BABEH! UHH! YEA!’. I’m not so kind. In my opinion, a more appropriate song would also be called ‘Good Luck’ –


“Good Luck! Baby good luck to you,

when you are burning in pain..

I hope you choke on your ramyun too

and get bad eye circles and break outs..



Good luck! Baby good luck to you,

May you be lactose-intolerant, 

having drank lots of milk

and the loo has no toilet paper..

yeah BEST of luck to you.”


(BUT IT DOESN’T EVEN RHYME!) See. That’s why I’m not counselling people any more with regards to their romantic woes.


My blog may be titled as a 귀찮다/귀차니스트 ie, procrastinator’s blog, hence allowing me to blog on a basis of a whim rather than regular scheduled timings, but truth to be told, I am anything but lazing at any time. Unless I tried to exercise, then yeah for the next few hours I’m the worst piece of lard plopped on my bed. Like I previously mentioned, I’m a huge thinker. When your brain is moving at 100 miles an hour, it looks like I’m not doing anything, but I’m entertaining ideas of what to do, try out, deciding courses of action. When I’m on my phone, it looks like I’m listening to music, but I’m actually memorizing the lyrics and studying vocab usage. I may be surfing the net, but I have 25 tabs open regularly with 7 different things I’m researching on. I read more pages of the korean novel in my phone and secretly memorized the lyrics to ‘Good Luck’ on the bus my way to work. Actually productive!


It’s hard work! To look like you’re not doing anything and hide away the piles of paper I’ve been practising calligraphy on.. It’s like an undercover cop pretending to be a hobo. I wonder why I’m so secretive and territorial. Somehow, I don’t really like people to know exactly what I’m doing and thinking and feeling. Maybe it’s me being perfectionist and not ever being ready to let people see what I’ve learnt. Maybe I’m a descendant of a squirrel and a cat. Am I the only one?


I’ll badly conclude my blog post as usual, because nobody reads this far into lengthy posts with no pictures.