The feels Hannibal gives me


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Just saw the latest #8 Su-zakana of season 2. Every episode of Hannibal seasons one and two are so heavily pregnant and saturated with symbolism and double meanings hidden and tucked away among layers and I can’t tell you how much as an INFP this excites and pleases me. I feel like somewhere between Will and Hannibal lies my true self, contently feasting on the remains that results from their interactions. of the script. Times like these where I simply marvel at the beauty of language and how beautifully language can be used, the actors who bring it to life, the script writers, the director, the music and sound effects selected are ALL brilliant. There is such a lure (*snicker) to the dangerous implications.


Now I know why the series has been focussing so much on nature, fly fishing, animals, wildlife. It’s all predator and prey. Playing with the lamb was such an obvious reference (but really adorable), but it’s about time the metaphorical lamb started toying with the predator to lure him in. Like Will said, he’s a good fisherman. I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE HOW IT PLAYS OUT. I need to have a lie down to digest what I just watched. If any of the staff happen to be reading this, at the risk of sounding like a nutjob psychotic fangirl, ILOVEYOUALLANDYOURBRAINS. 50000/10 stars!


Speaking of which, have you ever read or watched something so powerful, that they quietened you into deep contemplation? This is why people shouldn’t use it carelessly or simply. Language wields much power to deliver almost anything, including an invisible punch. Which is why there will never be an end to my fascination with languages. So don’t take your language learning lightly, people.

And watch Hannibal.


3 thoughts on “The feels Hannibal gives me

    • Glad you like the show too! I find that most American TV (esp dramas) explain things very clearly, so Hannibal is definitely a breath of fresh air from that clear cut crimes that sometimes don’t make sense. I do agree that sometimes they overdo the symbols, Will and fly fishing, the analogy of lure and bait and hunt and kill is not at all lost to the audience for a psychopath show. 🙂

      • They use a lot of symbolism — both good and bad. Sometimes, they overdo it. When it is subtle, it’s great. But there again, it depends on one’s tastes — I remember when The Tudors was on how they did a lot of promotion with Anne Boleyn wearing a red ruby necklace, as a subtle foreshadowing of her eventual execution. I loved it. One of my friends hated it, because it was “too obvious.” 😀

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