I’ve once read that in order to adequately acquire another foreign language, one should focus on first mastering their mother tongue. You can see this as a completionist theory, or the simple fact of mastering one language will heighten you to subtle nuances in foreign languages. However you choose to see it, I think this idea holds merit. Our mother tongue is English in Singapore. But I’m not satisfied with the way we pronounce it. Plus, English has always been a beautiful, unique language.


Since the end of last year, I’ve enclosed myself in an isolated bubble, and have not contacted anyone outside of my work and home. I deleted Facebook and Whatsapp, Twitter, Instagram, it’s been 4 months, and I feel great! You might ask why, am I a toad and is totally self conscious of my appearance and weight issues? No. I don’t have any issues with my sense of confidence, neither do I feel inadequate. It’s simply a matter of choice. I’m deeply introverted to begin with, I can very well dress nicely and put make up to look appealing to the world, but for now, I don’t feel like I need to prove anything to anyone. I don’t quite know why I brought up this point (for the sake of this post I should edit this part out, my logical side says, but my rebellious side tells me that logic may be right, but he’s annoying, and should be defied for the sake of defiance, how dare I tell myself what to do!), but I suppose I prefer reaching out through the internet than the physical world. Or maybe I’m itching to explore authenticity and self confidence and self image issues I see in other people but I can’t find someone to administer to. Either way, I’m derailing myself.

So with the assisted lack of disturbance, I’ve been reading more, appreciating old English, self studying the art of typography, and handlettering/ english calligraphy, whatever you want to call it. It’s beautiful. I bought my first ink, holder, nibs and watercolour stuff to practice on. I find it teaches me patience, discipline, and also helps me go into deep focus. Then awful neck and wrist cramps. But first, deep zen, intense focus.



From calligraphy-by-sam



Why is there no interest in English Calligraphy in Singapore?! I’ve been searching online for months. Other than 1 other blog I found called happyhandsproject, there’s literally zero interest of English Calligraphy here. Chinese calligraphy centers are set up here, there’s a niche group of fountain pen lovers, but WHERE’S THE CALLIGRAPHY LOVE? Honestly. Jeez. It’s so hard to get materials locally. Purchasing online means shipping fees more expensive than the pens or inks themselves. I can’t bond with anyone over my overly obscure interest. ;_;


From calligifphy

Honestly, it’s beautiful. I’m nowhere that good yet. Perhaps when I do get better, I might write some stuff. Handwritten things are always more sincere. So, for now be blasted by beautiful writing from people.


Shit. I intended this to be a 10 word rant post. Damn you brain, damn thoughts.


Why are people even playing that dumb flappy bird, angry bird, that stupid runner thing on their phones or even that dratted candy crush saga? Good god.



7 thoughts on “Calligraphy

  1. Gasp! Are you me? I’ve also deleted/deactivated my social media accounts and didn’t even have whatsapp for a few months and didn’t contact anybody outside of my immediate family and colleagues. The only difference between us is I am an extrovert…but an exhausted one.

    I developed an interest in calligraphy and opened a new instagram account just for it and I found help there. If you prefer online classes I recommend Skillshare (Molly Suber Thorpe is a good one and …I forgot her name, I think her surname is Jacques), there’s also one from I Still Love Calligraphy but it’s on the pricey side for me. If you want to go to a workshop here in Singapore aside from Pauline of Happy Hands Project (sad her workshops are all full, I wanted to attend one), there’s Katrina Alana (I have a review up on my blog) and I know that this lady from Instagram her name is Dee is planning on a workshop around mid- to end of April.

    Yes, I too find supplies are scarce here in Singapore. I have to order most of my supplies overseas.

    Gosh, I babbled a lot didn’t I? Anyway hope my comment is a little helpful.

    • hey jayel, nice to hear from you! Haha perhaps I’m the introverted version of you, so sorry to hear that you’re exhausted! Hope you regain your energy again soon! it’s so cool to hear of your interest in Calligraphy too! Yay, instant bonding-over-obscure-hobby moment! I saw your modern calligraphy writing on your site and instagram, they’re really pretty! Since I do most of my learning (of anything) online to start off, I had been practising the traditional Copperplate kind and I’ll eventually move to the modern kind! I just borrowed eleanor winters’s book ‘Mastering Copperplate Calligraphy’, also am using Nikko G nib (the only pointed ones I have!)

      The links you provided are so helpful and seeing your progress made me motivated indeed! Will definitely go check them out, thank you so much yeah! 😀 (BTW, I felt sorry about your broken nib!)

      • Aww, thanks! But I wish I could be more ‘formal’ in my calligraphy practices. I have zero patience in creating guidelines and doing drills which I know hampers my progress. Anyway….I so envy you for your proficiency in Korean ㅠ.ㅠ Are you self-taught? I’ve been studying on and off for two years (mostly off) and I can barely introduce myself. The things that I’m doing now for Korean learning are just (1) watching variety shows in KBS world and (2) writing Korean songs using calligraphy pens.

        Calligraphy and Korean language – two things we have in common. I admit to kinda feeling excited because I didn’t imagine someone would have these two interests as I do. 😄

      • I think we may have more in common than you think! haha. Yes, I self learn Korean! Being a rabid fan helps when you HAVE to know what the korean tweets or articles say and nobody is free to translate it. But I think it helped when I studied Japanese in university, so some things come a bit easier like some words that sound similar or have similar meanings to Japanese. KBS World varieties! Hallelujah! They are the only awesome youtube channel that is kind enough to recognize people from all over wanna watch their shows in HD, full and with subs. Happy together is so funny sometimes! Cool Kiz (the basketball edition) is so cool! I used to be a fan of Running man until the entire world seems to watch it, and the show kind of changed in format and games. So I jumped to Infinity challenge for a while. It’s a bit hard to learn korean from variety esp the grammar since you’re basically only listening, but what I do is to write down what I heard, and try to google what could be I just heard, and learn it, be it grammar or verb or noun. 🙂

        If you know about meetup groups at there are so many of them in Singapore! I attended one once, conducted by 2 young korean teachers in a casual setting, mostly for chatting and people were so nice, but my irrational social anxiety of meeting people got the best of me and I didn’t go any more.

        I hadn’t mentioned, but I’ve been thinking of ways to write korean and Japanese using english calligraphy pens and methods, but so far not so good, that’s why I quietly accepted ‘Okay fine, english first’. XD

  2. Haha you may have seen my other comment, I am now just looking through your blog! I see you are interested in Calligraphy. I am also interested in it, but more in the handwriting aspect of it. I am trying to improve my handwriting lol. I want to have handwriting like that of Edward the Sixth (VI), the King who died at the age of 15. It’s so good!! Have you seen it? Anyway do you have any tips for a newbie? I don’t know what I’m doing with in calligraphy lol

    • @1shotmacro Yes! I’m interested in Calligraphy! In fact, I did join a whole new world of calligraphy (see my instagram for examples (@felicalligraphy)! I like the aesthetics part of it, so I went into Ornamental Penmanship (and I’m just wading into pools of old text to get great samples of ornamental Penmanship!), but to delve into the handwriting aspect of it, you may want to look into Palmer Method of Business Handwriting (, or regular Spencerian ( Currently, I’m focussing on both business writing and flourishing work, so it’s also pretty fun.

      I’m always keen to share the love of penmanship with people who are interested, so let me know if these pique your interest.


      • I will follow you on instagram lol!~ I actually have Spencerian’s book on penmanship sitting on pc, but I have so many that I don’t know where to start ! any of these ring a bell?

        Also have you done anything related to Korean Hangul? I think that would be really interesting but once again I don’t know where to start lol

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