This is gonna be a random drop kind of post for words that I’m currently trying to remember and think is useful, after picking them up from books or shows:


몹쓸 짓을 하다

doing evil deeds to others.


From my fav naver dict:

(나쁜) badevilillnasty (사악한) wicked (질병 등이) virulent      

몹쓸 병에 걸리다

suffer from a virulent[nastydisease 

몹쓸 짓을 하다

do sb harm[an ill turn

몹쓸 짓을 하다

do a cruel thing (to) 

몹쓸 짓을 하다

do wrong (to) 

저런 몹쓸 놈이 있나!

What a bad[nastyperson he is

저런 몹쓸 놈이 있나!

How wicked he is


This was from Basketball, #3, while Shinyoung is protecting a poor child from an aggressive man. She demands to know what the hell kind of evil shit he’s doing. This is going to be so useful when I see everyday injustice of ugly people pushing and shoving for seats, or choice spots. Or those smoker bastards who harm their body and everyone around them by huffing and puffing away and spreading lung cancer. Those 몹쓸 놈s!


    • unfortunately, unluckily
    • Unfortunately, his work did not win anything.불행히도 그의 작품은 당선되지 못했다

This is pretty easy to understand once you consider the original form 불행 不幸, but probably not something I’d readily use unless it’s within reach in my brain. There’s another alternative to ‘unfortunately’ –> 유감이지만 (유감 being regret, pity). I have a teeny feeling perhaps the latter is more commonly used, but I haven’t actually checked. 



충 (大総)

[synonym] 대강
    • (Noun)
    • Can you give me a rough estimate?비용을 대충이라도 말씀해 주시겠습니까?
    • What will it cost, approximately?비용을 대충이라도 말씀해 주시겠습니까?
    • (Adverb) approximately, roughly, cursorily , 大体だいたい;
Can be useful to describe people who halfass their work too. So useful!

그는 일을 정말 대충 한다

He does a slapdash job

The above 3 terms and their examples I’ve chosen to remember with are from a critical point of view, to criticize others. I can’t quite describe what kind of psychology takes place here, but I’m borrowing the idea of ‘curse words are the first things people pick up from a foreign language’ kind of belief. Presumably because there is a higher chance of hearing/using such expressions in modern day situations whenever we feel slighted, overlooked or misunderstood. People gossip and such, but seldom go praising others behind their backs.


It won’t apply to everyone, but I’m someone who associates feeling and meaning and morality to words when I first encounter them. I mentally and automatically classify words under 3 categories: Positive connotation, Negative connotation and Neutral. I feel first then use a term to describe what I feel, OR seeing a word gives me associated feelings. This happens to everything that happens to me, so memories, colours, numbers, songs and even learning styles can evoke positive/negative feelings for me because I make them personal, so they hold meaning for me. (For example, I feel stuffy and uptight when I’m forced to learn with (everyone’s favourite) anki memory cards. I hate cards! They are so short, they don’t allow me to explore and find more examples, and they are impersonal and I can’t add colours or doodles etc.. you get the idea.)  Lately I’ve been feeling crabby, agitated and irate, so I find that negative connotation words are easier to remember during this period. 


If you’re a cherry sunflower or perhaps a teacher who dishes out compliments all the time, you might find positive association words easier to remember, or however you choose to study, just go for it. If if works for you, and nobody else, it’s still a valid method imo.


The feels Hannibal gives me


Image courtesy of Wikipedia

Just saw the latest #8 Su-zakana of season 2. Every episode of Hannibal seasons one and two are so heavily pregnant and saturated with symbolism and double meanings hidden and tucked away among layers and I can’t tell you how much as an INFP this excites and pleases me. I feel like somewhere between Will and Hannibal lies my true self, contently feasting on the remains that results from their interactions. of the script. Times like these where I simply marvel at the beauty of language and how beautifully language can be used, the actors who bring it to life, the script writers, the director, the music and sound effects selected are ALL brilliant. There is such a lure (*snicker) to the dangerous implications.


Now I know why the series has been focussing so much on nature, fly fishing, animals, wildlife. It’s all predator and prey. Playing with the lamb was such an obvious reference (but really adorable), but it’s about time the metaphorical lamb started toying with the predator to lure him in. Like Will said, he’s a good fisherman. I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE HOW IT PLAYS OUT. I need to have a lie down to digest what I just watched. If any of the staff happen to be reading this, at the risk of sounding like a nutjob psychotic fangirl, ILOVEYOUALLANDYOURBRAINS. 50000/10 stars!


Speaking of which, have you ever read or watched something so powerful, that they quietened you into deep contemplation? This is why people shouldn’t use it carelessly or simply. Language wields much power to deliver almost anything, including an invisible punch. Which is why there will never be an end to my fascination with languages. So don’t take your language learning lightly, people.

And watch Hannibal.


I’ve once read that in order to adequately acquire another foreign language, one should focus on first mastering their mother tongue. You can see this as a completionist theory, or the simple fact of mastering one language will heighten you to subtle nuances in foreign languages. However you choose to see it, I think this idea holds merit. Our mother tongue is English in Singapore. But I’m not satisfied with the way we pronounce it. Plus, English has always been a beautiful, unique language.


Since the end of last year, I’ve enclosed myself in an isolated bubble, and have not contacted anyone outside of my work and home. I deleted Facebook and Whatsapp, Twitter, Instagram, it’s been 4 months, and I feel great! You might ask why, am I a toad and is totally self conscious of my appearance and weight issues? No. I don’t have any issues with my sense of confidence, neither do I feel inadequate. It’s simply a matter of choice. I’m deeply introverted to begin with, I can very well dress nicely and put make up to look appealing to the world, but for now, I don’t feel like I need to prove anything to anyone. I don’t quite know why I brought up this point (for the sake of this post I should edit this part out, my logical side says, but my rebellious side tells me that logic may be right, but he’s annoying, and should be defied for the sake of defiance, how dare I tell myself what to do!), but I suppose I prefer reaching out through the internet than the physical world. Or maybe I’m itching to explore authenticity and self confidence and self image issues I see in other people but I can’t find someone to administer to. Either way, I’m derailing myself.

So with the assisted lack of disturbance, I’ve been reading more, appreciating old English, self studying the art of typography, and handlettering/ english calligraphy, whatever you want to call it. It’s beautiful. I bought my first ink, holder, nibs and watercolour stuff to practice on. I find it teaches me patience, discipline, and also helps me go into deep focus. Then awful neck and wrist cramps. But first, deep zen, intense focus.



From calligraphy-by-sam



Why is there no interest in English Calligraphy in Singapore?! I’ve been searching online for months. Other than 1 other blog I found called happyhandsproject, there’s literally zero interest of English Calligraphy here. Chinese calligraphy centers are set up here, there’s a niche group of fountain pen lovers, but WHERE’S THE CALLIGRAPHY LOVE? Honestly. Jeez. It’s so hard to get materials locally. Purchasing online means shipping fees more expensive than the pens or inks themselves. I can’t bond with anyone over my overly obscure interest. ;_;


From calligifphy

Honestly, it’s beautiful. I’m nowhere that good yet. Perhaps when I do get better, I might write some stuff. Handwritten things are always more sincere. So, for now be blasted by beautiful writing from people.


Shit. I intended this to be a 10 word rant post. Damn you brain, damn thoughts.


Why are people even playing that dumb flappy bird, angry bird, that stupid runner thing on their phones or even that dratted candy crush saga? Good god.


Webstories / Novels / EBooks from Naver

I always thought I had already posted this. Oddly enough I haven’t, and it’s this secret page of web and self published stories by korean authors wannabes! I say secret, only because I always find it hard to navigate to this part of Naver in particular, and I must bookmark the link in order to return to it. and it’s this ! Image Maybe a year or so ago, when I first discovered this land of Korean readable materials, it had been a little too tough for me to read them so I would print a chapter and take a few months to digest them bit by bit. Then typical of my procrastinator style, I forgot ALL about it and one fine day after taking up 400 different interests and researching into plenty of unrelated things, guilt found its way back to into my conscience and I went back to those materials again, and was pleasantly surprised to find them not quite so tough any more (meaning a needy grip and pawing the dictionary every 2 seconds). I would like to attribute this to it being an indicator of my somehow bumming about passive receptive type lifestyle has improved my Korean language somehow and not that leaving lonely neglected korean books lying around for a year will magically dumb its own language down in a bid to get its owner to perhaps take another interest in it. Image If you know anything about the good quality offered by Naver in their webtoon department, you’ll be pleased to see a similar sort of layout in their web-novel section. Neatly categorized in a weekly calendar layout the releases available on respective days, readers will be able to get a good selection of the latest chapters published from their favourite stories, or if you prefer the traditional sorting by genre, that is available too. Naver keeps the completed novels (much like webtoons) available in archive, so you need not worry if you can’t catch up with the weekly updates from your favorite author. In case you scoff at the idea of ‘pfft, wannabe writers, they must have shit grammar and are not going to contribute to my learning foundation!’ this is where voting scores can help. Each chapter is open to vote as soon as its release, so high voting scores show a general consensus of ‘okay, this author is reliable, writes interesting stories’. Like the Korean drama style where episodes are shot in a chronological order (so the show’s producers can see reactions and alter stories, murder boring characters if need be), you can use the scores as some sort of indicator when you make your selection. However, you should be aware that some writers write colloquial, short form, and I’ve even read one that had dialogue all in Busan dialect!!

You'll need a Naver account for these, obviously.

You’ll need a Naver account for these, obviously, but a google search will yield hundreds of fanclubs with tutorials on how to do so.  (I must admit I haven’t bothered to figure out just what Challenge League means just yet..)

The general list of genre categories are: – 로맨스 (romance)SF&판타지 (SciFi & Fantasy)무혐 (Period dramas) 미스터리 (Mystery)

e-BOOK 서울특별시 전자책 서비스

If you’re a very determined Korean learner, you can scour the lands of the web to find all sorts of books with key search terms like 웹소설, 전자책, e북. I suppose these Naver web books may be too simple for you; in which case, do try the Naver Books section, or if you like the magazine style, then try the whole range of digitized ones offered by

Story about a psychology expert turned teacher named Sumi, who helps a boy named Daehyeon who has the powers to ‘see’ the underwear of girls he touches, and is surprisingly frustrated by it, since it’s not something he can control. Lol

Story about a psychology expert turned teacher named Sumi, who helps a boy named Daehyeon who has the powers to 'see' the underwear of girls he touches, and is surprisingly frustrated by it, since it's not something he can control. Lol Or if you’re into mobile books, there are some free, like this one I’m reading, called 기억의 주인. The first part worth 400+ pages are all free!