Pinterest now available in Korean!

Good news! People who use Pinterest will be pleased to know that the highly addictive photo based social networking (kinda) website has now launched their interface in Korean!


You might have been wondering why I’m staying so silent on wordpress, and I’ve got no better excuse.. I procrastinated and I got addicted to pinning photos instead.






Also, I’m taking a break from mad studying Korean language. It’s not a bad thing, I’ve not lost interest in it, but I’ve decided to set aside some time to do other things too, like reading, and thinking, exercising, drafting up new goals for 2014. In 2013, I had been too focused on learning the language, I alienated things and people, turned myself iinto a cave mole. This year, I want to try a more open approach to life, to learn things, meet people, eat healthy, have a healthy mindset and not forgetting my love for languages in general.




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