[Apply Now] The 27th Book Review Lucky Draw Begins!

The reality is that children standard is our intermediate to advanced. *cries*



다들 잘 지내셨나요?

포스팅이 너무 늦어진 점 사과드립니다.

제 26 회 Lucky Draw에 많은 관심을 보내주셔서 감사합니다.

오늘부터 진행되는 스물 일곱 번째 Lucky Draw도 많은 관심 부탁드려요- >_<

The book is suitable for intermediate to advanced level learners.

We chose this book because we really thought it would be useful and good to increase grammar especially  맞춤법(grammar).

All contents are written in Korean and readers should be able to read and understand instruction of the book.

Book Info.


짱! 한글 6단계

Published by Sejong Education, 144 pages  ISBN: 9788995591352

This book is originally designed for children who just started to learn Korean(Hangeul).

The book is written in Korean, however, this is an ideal book for people who want to enhance their writing skill.

Zzang! Hangeul (짱! 한글) is consisted of 6 stages.

All written in Korean but really good for increasing your writing skill especially 맞춤법.

Suitable for intermediate and…

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A lesson among the chaos

Hi! I’m back from Seoulllllll………….. will update on that at a later date.


Let’s talk about the chaos. In the midst of chaotic scandals and incidents:

  • like Sulli’s taste in older men (hmm),
  • Exo & Junsu & Jang Geun suk being involved with chinese star porn scandal (lol),
  • Eunhyuk’s twitter being hacked with porn (OMG),
  • Jessica getting pushed into a railing at the airport and fainted? (jessica you need to gain some muscles),
  • Troublemaker hitting max points for Inkigayo (wow),
  • Taeyang’s wannabe-black hitting new levels,
  • GD once again showing his face everywhere (I guess I must be the only one who’s really tired of him)
  • fans and non fan’s reaction to all of them (I’m so bloody tired of netizen war, seriously)

and most recently Ailee’s-AKP-Y naked pics shit storm is brewing into a giant potent black cup of espresso, feeding greedy troll mouths “gimme more!” I’m finally ready to say I will take a break from being a fangirl and simply return to a mere mortal trying to find enjoyment in life through alternative means, like exercise, food, reading, watching movies and learning korean. It’s something I came to realize when I came back from Seoul. Solo travel is hard and really life changing. Again, story for another time.


As for my reaction to Ailee’s ‘thing’, I wasn’t as shocked as I should have been about the incident itself, because common sense eludes most people on the best of days and this happens quite a lot, but not so much for K entertainment industry. I was more shocked by the reactions of the people protecting her and how she enjoys somewhat of a free pass normally only handed to men in their male dominated society (like seungrila, or even Park Shi Hoo and resident paedophile Go Young Wook) 


I don’t even want to get into the details of what I think about issue other than that I kind of felt it wasn’t fair for the rest of the female celebs who’ve been through worse treatment for less (like, if you wanna be a sadist towards your own and be critical, please be fair across the board.) It’s only how I feel, so I don’t want to get into an argument with people about it. Guys, you realize if this person is pure Korean (like baek ji young), she would never live to see the light of day in the eyes of the public. But whatever, I have better things to do than to seek equality and demand human rights.


With that said, no self respecting company will EVER ask for nude pictures for casting. If one tells you otherwise,

  1. secretly record their request, 
  2. kick them in the nuts
  3. pepper spray and jab their eyes
  4. punch them in the throat
  5. THEN take any evidence you have and go to the police
  6. and file for a lawsuit, get a lawyer
  7. finally go to the media to expose them, in that order. 😛  No company will demand for nudes. Not unless it’s not a real company to begin with.


Meanwhile, I’m still disgusted by AKP’s general lack of ethics and morals as usual, but I’m an opportunist korean learner at heart, and Allkpop surprisingly gave a detailed translation of YMC’s statement, as if that’s supposed to make them look more credible LOL. But look! words to learn! Meanings by the side. Okay, they didn’t make it as accurate as I would like but still.. Suhweet. I shall read this like a fictitious essay, and disregard the real context of the content, or I think I will get a bad case of migraine. 


Let me bolden and shift around the bracketed meanings and add some of mine for convenience.


Hello. This is YMC Entertainment.


In relation to the controversial pictures of Ailee before her debut, we will be revealing the information that has been confirmed. We hope you will understand that it took us a long time to check the information in order to tell you the more accurate truth. 확인 된 내용(content)을 말씀드리고자 합니다. 당사(Party) 로서(as for) 는보다 정확한 사실을 말씀드리기 위해 확인을 하다보니 많은 시간이 걸린(as time passes) 점에(the point about) 대해(regarding) 양해(understanding)부탁드립니다.


While Ailee was a resident in America, she received a casting offer to be a famous underwear model in America. The relevant picture has been confirmed to be a picture taken on the pretext of testing the cameras. Among the pictures revealed on the anonymous website, a portion was still unclear during our investigation so we are continuing to investigate them. 해당(applicable to, with regards to, in particular, relevant) 사진은 에일리가 미국 거주(residence) 당시 미국의 유명 속옷(underwear) 모델 캐스팅 제의(suggestion, offer)를 받아, 카메라테스트용이라는(camera testing) 명목하에(on the pretext) 촬영된 사진으로 확인되었으며, 익명(anonymous) 웹사이트를 통해 공개 된 사진중에 일부(part, portion)는 사실확인이 불분명한(uncertain) 내용들도 있어 계속 확인 중에 있습니다.


In relation to the leaked pictures, Ailee had been told that in order to accurately judge her body figure, she had to participate in a nude shoot. Because it was a test to be a famous underwear model, Ailee believed her personal information would be protected and complied. 본 유출사진과(leaked) 관련하여 에일리는 몸매를 정확히(accurately) 판단(judge)하기 위해 누드촬영을 해야한다는 말에, 유명 속옷 모델의 테스트이기에 개인(personal)신상(identities)정보(personal information) 보호(protect) 것으로 믿고 촬영에 응했습니다.


However, after the test shoot finished, the party who had first made the offer stopped all contact so that the concerned Ailee made a decision and reported it to the nearby police station. 그러나 테스트 촬영을 마친 뒤 제의를 해 온 측과 연락이 두절(stopped)되었으며, 걱정이 된 에일리는 고심(take great pains)끝에(at the end of) = (concluded) 현지 경찰에 신고를 했습니다.


After the police looked into it, it was becoming clear that the involved party was committing fraud while targeting female students in a portion of the university’s town. There appeared to be a couple of victims besides Ailee, but due to the fraudulent party’s clever method of using the internet, the police were unable to smoothly investigate and make any arrests. 경찰 확인 결과 일부 대학가의(part of university town) 여대생들을 상대로 사기 행각(commit a fraud) 벌였던 일행(party)의(‘s) 소행(act)으로(through) = (the party’s act) 판명(clear)되었으며(while becoming [into xx state] = (becoming clear), 당시 에일리 외에 여러명의 피해자가 있었음에도 인터넷을 이용한 사기단의 교묘한(tactful/clever) 수법으로(means) 인해 현지 경찰조사가 원활히(smoothly) 되지 않아 끝내 사기단 검거(arrest)이뤄지지 (from 이루다 = make, form) 못했다고 합니다 (unable to).


After reporting to the police, Ailee, who felt deeply worried and uneasy, visited her previous boyfriend who was working at All KPop, and told him everything and consulted him about what happened. While consulting the previous boyfriend, who should have fully grasped and handled the information about these pictures, Ailee was persuaded by him to send him the pictures from the shoot. 경찰 신고 후 걱정과 불안감에 빠져있던 에일리는 현재 ALL KPOP에 재직중(in-service) 에일리의 전 남자친구에게 본 내용에 대해 털어놓고 상의(consulted)를 했으며, 상의 도중 사진의 내용을 정확히 파악해야하고(grasp/understanding) 대처(handle)해야한다는 전 남자친구의 설득(persuasion)으로 인해 전 남자친구에게 촬영 사진을 보내주게되었다고 합니다.


The above information is all the true information in relation to the leaked pictures. 유출된(leaked) 사진과 관련된 내용은 위의(above) 내용이 전부이며, 사실입니다.


We will be taking strong legal action in relation to the person who disregarded protection of personal information and illegally circulated the pictures in question. 당사(party) 해당 사진의 유포자에게(circulator) 개인신상(personal)(protection law)보호법(privacy safeguards)에 따른 불법(illegal)유포(posting)와(and) =(illegal circulation) 관련하여 강력한 법적 대응을 할 것입니다.


In addition, we will be doing our best so that Ailee will no longer be tormented by suspicion and gossip. 또한 당사도 에일리가 의혹(doubt/suspicion) 구설수로(gossip/be the talk of) 인해 더이상의 고통을 받지 않을 수 있도록 최대한 노력할 것입니다.


Although it was an act deriving from lack of thought and maturity, it was not derived from wrong intentions or actions and it is becoming a large source of pain for Ailee, who had been living her life as a woman before she became a singer, as well as Ailee’s family. 어린시절의 짧은 생각과 철 없던 행동이지만 그릇된(wrong/mistaken) 의도(intention) 행동으로 일어난 일이 아니었기에, 또한 가수이기 이전에 한 여자로서의 삶을 살아가고 있는 에일리와, 에일리의 가족에게는 감당하지(handle/manage) 못할 큰 아픔입니다.


The relevant pictures had been a painful memory that had been largely traumatic and deeply hurtful for Ailee. 해당 사건은 당시 에일리에게 큰 충격과 깊은 상처를 주었던 아픈 기억이었습니다.


We fear that Ailee may once again receive a large wound from the hurtful memory when she had forgotten the painful past and had been looking towards her dreams. 이제 아픈 기억을 잊고, 꿈을 향해 가고 있는 에일리가 또 다시 과거의 아픈 기억으로 인해 더 큰 상처를 받게 될까 우려됩니다(feared/worried).


We hope for warm consolation and encouragement so that Ailee will not experience more pain and can continue her activities diligently. 에일리가 더 큰 아픔을 겪지 않고 열심히 활동할 수 있도록 따뜻한 위로(console/comfort) 격려(encouragement) 부탁드립니다.