Thoughts before Seoulo trip 2013

I’m going to fly in less than a week. In fact, less than 3 days. It’s 48 hours away! After having to go to Seoul alone and initially being frightened, I’m getting more and more attracted to the idea of self exploration of Seoul, and now I’m just super excited and raring to go. Which is totally rare, but seoul is just so damn lovely.. I’ve always wanted to challenge my horribad non skills of finding directions! Even now I’ve taken at least 2 weeks of memorizing shops and maps and locations.. It’s just the matter of actually mapping them from birds eye view to bird landed on the ground view.. 


I packed my bags! Photocopied my passport and ID card! Printed coupons, flight details, packed passport, chargers, packed a door stopper (a tip from adventurous kate).. My medium luggage bag is only about 60% filled. It has to be. It has to be so that I can lug home the tons of Korean makeup and esp skin care I will lug home. Omg. Skin care. *ray of light* Just reading about it already makes me so happy, I think I will be totally overwhelmed when I’m there. Plus, I’ll stay in Myeongdong for my trip. Can you imagine the damage it’s going to cost me? Hahah. I have to buy stuff for my parents and my friend too. I seriously doubt I can visit the places I want to visit. It’s not even like I was putting all sorts of weird locations.. I gave up almost all of sightseeing in my itinerary, (save for the beautiful Yangsuri and Cheongyecheon – which I think is a must!) And I’m so tempted going to cut my hair at Juno Hair.. heard soooooo many good things about it! They can have a go at my perpetually shitty hair! muahah!


I stopped reading Korean. Not because I didn’t want to, because I didn’t really have time. And I’m the type of traveller who would get paranoid and overthink everything and have too many objectives. But this trip will teach me independence and confidence. As well as my desire to make international friends, I’ve signed up for meetup lessons with language cast in Hongdae. I dunno about my general lack of social skills. I notice that people who approach me too quickly I tend to shut down, regardless of sex. I just get scared of committing to a friendship. I don’t want to be burdened by dependent people, neither do I want to be a burden to others. To be free like a bird.. except for the flying part. We shall see. I hope I get to meet inspiring people like I wanted as my life goal.


At this point in time, I’ve used the google map engine to mark out all the places I wanna go.  It allows you to create your own maps, with various tools at your disposal. I would say it’s very handy, up to the point of actually accessing it from your phone. I cannot say it’s the most useful to my sadness, because usually google = excellent everything. I’ve been a strong advocate, converting everyone I know to chrome.. but this google map engine sadly is only in testing or something, and doesn’t have an official app, or an offline downloadable version. That’s damn sad, but I can at least take screenshots right? 


But anyway, I’ll have a layover at Hongkong airport for at least 3 hours, So I will probably sleep. It gives me much comfort to know that I’ll basically be visiting the top 3 airports with just 1 trip. Kind of like a steal actually. Changi airport is really very beautiful, so I can’t wait to see the 1st and 3rd, HK and Incheon airport respectively!


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