I Would Have Almost Missed My Flight!

Man I’m not very good at time reading. You know those hour difference time duration AM PM kinda things that often appear in IQ tests? Yeah.. usually I don’t do so good in those.. I would have almost missed my flight thinking my 1am flight on the 19th is tomorrow’s 1am. (Today is 18th.) 


Thanks to my mom who called me to let me know. Can you imagine how the trip would be so disastrous? Not only passenger 1 cancelled, passenger 2 missed the flight! Halp! They must be dead. Haha. =_= Again, my first instinct was to panic. Second was to take things slowly and access the situation. I’m not good at thinking quickly. I think quickly all the time, except when it really matters. ㅋㅋ Anyway! I’m still very excited!


I made another mistake though. My second mistake was to try this interesting standing ab exercise, comprising of deceptively simple stuff. So simple, till I didn’t realize what kind of damage it would do to my crying muscles.. I did them like the day before. They are still crying. I can’t imagine how they would feel later when I force them to pull and push things and walk forever. Poor body. 


Now I must clear space in my SD card and phone to be able to take more pictures 🙂 Blog you later!


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