BATANG씨 누구세요?




Doesn’t Batang sound all exotic like some south east asian Batam holiday? Batang.


B . A . T . A . N . G


Aesthetically not quite as pleasing as C H O C O L A T E but still a strong contender? What am I talking about?? Batang! Batangbatangbatang..


This is probably not Batang. This is probably… oh this is Museo. But Batang

BatangSample_5337 Batang


Why batang?

Just something that randomly caught my eye. I always imagined Batang to be that kid in the back of the class who says nothing and looks plain. That’s because I wasn’t introduced into the land of Korean font yet. In Korean it’s really pretty!


What does Batang mean? From Naver:

결혼 생활의 바탕은 신뢰와 존경이다

The foundation[basisof a marriage is trust and respect.예문 발음듣기

그 영화는 실화에 바탕을 두고 있다

The movie is based on a true story예문 발음듣기

그녀는 검정 바탕에 꽃무늬가 있는 치마를 입고 있었다

She was wearing a black skirt with a floral pattern예문 발음듣기

  • 3.(타고난 성질) nature   

그는 바탕이 좋은 사람이다

He is a man of good nature예문 발음듣기

그가 바탕이 나쁜 사람은 아니다

He is not a bad person at heart예문 발음듣기

Mr Batang is someone who has a honest nature, someone brought up with good foundation despite a humble background. Although he looks plain among his english pals, he’s fluent and skilled in Korean!

Hopefully you will make friends with Batang ssi and use him often while writing in Korean!


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