Word list

아.. 週末は短いね・・・ 주말은 짧다… I’ve been so busy lately, I can’t even find time to properly write a blog post. This shall be short.

A random word list of the words I’ve learnt today:

  • 말온김에 – speaking about …/そう言えば
  • 철 없다 – childish. 
  • 퍼가기 – embed (from my attempt to embed said insta post below)
  • 질서 – order 

From naver:

질서 秩序

(public) order

질서를 지키다

keep[maintainpreserve] (public) order

Today, a random fan drew on Junhyung’s (member of BEAST) shirt, causing him to upload an instagram post explaining that it would be best if order was maintained.


bigbadboii 공항에서 차에 타니까 이렇게^^ 공항에서 질서좀지키자우리… 다쳐요 너희들도 우리도..

Jun: “Took the car from the airport and this^^ Please protect us and observe order a little at the airport…there’ll be injuries.. you guys and us too..”


Seriously, about this issue, it’s so important for fans to remember that celebrities need their space too. Having bad behaviour only reflects back on the stars you like.


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