My fav pet phrases right now:


“I’m gonna report you!”

This one holds lots of hilarious memories for me. Firstly because of Hong Kong Restaurant (Hong Kong 반점!)

Rimi gets mad at the lousy restaurant guy who refuses to first provide chopsticks and then refuses to let her refund her order, and  not only hangs up on her,  That lousy owner was like ‘report me then. go ahead. report. ****’. She’s like ‘did you just curse at me, I’m going to report you!’ 


Then another time was when BEAST was not nominated for 1st place on Music Bank. Instead, netizens speculated it could be rookie troll girl group Crayon Pop with their Barbarbar song (lame) and korean beast fans (b2uties) got mad and tweeted ‘If crayon pop wins I’m gonna report Music Bank’. Hahah!


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