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Ooh! いいことだ! Shanna from (everybody knows her) posted about Bookoff being a great place for 2nd hand cheap Japanese novels, (and since I agree with her, Japanese books in Singapore are priced like they are branded goods) so I quickly did a search and YAY there’s one outlet so close to the hotel I’ll be staying in Osaka this sept!


In fact, the hotel (Monterey La Soeur) is even on the map too. HAHA. Though I’ve been studying Japanese for some time now (and paused it), I’ve always wanted to collect my own Japanese novels. Though I’m really extremely picky about books and novels and writing style, I don’t know if I’ll even find something I like. Hope there is!! 이거로 최고야~

If you are going to Japan too, check that site’s map for the region you are going to (Kyoto, Tokyo, Osaka, Hiroshima, Fukuoka, Kyuushuu) etcetc, then from there it will list several outlets within that region.

I hope this will rekindle my love for Japan. Me and Japan.. we’re like a married old couple.. whose love has lost its spark, so now we’re civil but still trying to make it work. Japan is like a hardworking but hard headed guy who is knowledgeable and very true to himself but sometimes infuriates me with its stubborn over-fishing and endangered species consumption and sales (I still can’t get over that), but we have this long history since I was a child, so I can’t really get too mad at it. Sigh.

But then again, the following month, I’ll be going the sparkly metrosexual Seoul filled with old soul charm and new age glamor. I feel like a girl who gets to go on two dates with 2 guys and then selecting one out of them. Haha so sad for me it’s really 2 countries, and not hot guys from their representative countries. HOH WELL *foreveralonesosad*. I’ll update how it goes. 😀


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