Don’t be cowed, even when conversing in English~

영어로 대화해도 쫄지 마세요~

This. Is. The funniest troll message ever. This is a confused dialogue by an Indonesian girl and a troll Korean (I assume a dude – why would girls do this to one another?!)



– Happy Valentine day ^^

Thank you. –

– What this mean?


Said I’m grateful –

– I’m sorry, i can’t speak korean well


I can’t speak English either –


– Mianhanda=i’m sorry?

Yes yes that’s it. okay –

– Oh my god, i don’t understand 😦

Omaigad don’t do that I’m korean and you’re Philippine? –

– translate to english, please 😀


– i’m Indonesian

Ah, Indonesian person I see –

– Indonesian, do u know Bali? Bali is part of Indonesian Country.


– Good morning:D

Hi Good morning to you –

Did you sleep well? –

– annyeonghaseo~

Yep good day to you –

– Oh my god I understand korean lsnguage just a little


I can’t understand either don’t type to me in English I’m Korean –

– hangul -_-;

Yes, hangul the great King Sejong who invented hangul for the sake of the country’s people – 

– can u speak english a little,please?


No not even a little I’m Korean –

– Confused-_-

– I wanna translate your hangul.. Wait a minute..:D

That’s right you should know after translating –




For the sake of the girl, there were some comments who felt sorry for her, and said she was kind, he should write some english for her since he obviously knew what she was saying. 


I feel bad for her too. I tried penpal systems before, and I always overcompensate when typing to someone, I want to make sure everything is perfect before I say it in their language. Obviously, it’s harder than I think. I’ve since stopped doing the penpal thing.


Now I have an adjusted stance.. as long as my point gets across, I don’t care if I look stupid in front of the other person, since my assurance that I’m not an idiot comes from myself, it doesn’t really matter what people think. The advice is valid too. Don’t be cowed when communicating to a native in a foreign language.


I came upon this while watching Alice in Cheongdamdong, and a word inside that got me to do a google search on 쫄지 or 쫄다. I believe it’s a slang word, since this is not found in dictionaries. Well now I got such a good laugh out of it, I don’t think I’ll forget it anytime soon! Hahaha!



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