Best Chrome Extension Ever For Korean Dictionary!

Chrome Web Store – 네이버/다음사전 (Korean Dictionary).

If you use Chrome and love google like me, you’re in luck, because Google is committed to making everything as efficient and quick as possible. To make korean word searches, I have a permanent tab on Naver dictionary. Then I added an excellent naver en kor dictionary extension which makes my world go round. It allows searches by double clicking a (small) chunk of korean/ english text and a tiny window appears on the top right, and you can click on the text which brings you to Naver’s dictionary webpage.

This extension tops that because it opens a tiny frame where the page itself is displayed! All you have to do is to highlight a word you want to search! Or you can change that in the options. The problem is the option page is all in Korean. If it’s too hard, simply ask google to translate page.. The default is Daum. I have both Daum and Naver accounts, but have personally taken a preference to Naver instead, so most of my vocab and word lists are there. I can add new words directly from the small pop up frame. Also, it allows multilanguage searches, like French, Japanese, English, Chinese..! Though I suspect it translates to korean, since this was meant for korean users.. I’m not complaining!

Happy day today! ㅎㅎㅎ


One thought on “Best Chrome Extension Ever For Korean Dictionary!

  1. Doesn’t work inside gmail, since gmail is over an HTTPS connection and Chrome blocks the plugin as loading insecure content on a secure page. Annoying, since the majority of new words I encounter are in emails and this seemed like it would be really convenient. Will keep looking for another solution!

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