Because I really appreciate Yoseob’s advice

Yoseob went into advice mode. I love it when he does this kind of posts. Makes him deeper as a person. 🙂 Thinking ain’t all bad.

“하루를 꽉꽉 (squeeze) 채워서 (pack, fill) 살아봐요. 잠들때 기분이 굉장히 좋아요. 복싱에 헬스에 일어에 연습에 레슨에 솔직히 너무힘들다 싶다가도 ( 잠들때 오늘하루 참 잘살았다!라는생각이들면 그렇게 기분이 좋더라구요! 아! 어제 한 과목 (subject) 늘렸어요 (increased, improved). 한국사교과서를 사서 읽기시작했어요. 간만에 읽어보니 참 재밌고 스펙타클하면서 또 드라마같은.. 뭉클함과 존경심 자부심 같은 묘한 것들이 한꺼번에 몰아치더라구요. 이런 뿌리깊은 역사를 잊고 지낸 저 자신이 부끄러워지기도했구요..무튼 꼭 바쁜 하루 끝에 웃을수있는 여러분이 됩시다!”

“Try living each day to the fullest. When you finally sleep, it will feel pretty good. To be honest, boxing, health, Japanese, practice, lessons are all very tiring, but thinking before sleep ‘I (ultilised my day well and) lived well today!’ this uplifts my mood! Ah! I improved in yet another subject yesterday. I bought a Korean history textbook and have started reading it. Haven’t read (Korean history) in a while but after trying to read it, the spectacle of it was like a drama.. I was touched and felt respect and pride and such strange feelings hit me in a gush. To have lived, having forgotten such deep seated history makes me embarrassed.. ‘nyways, let’s strive to be people who can smile at the end of each busy day!


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