Ignore the Mushi

I learnt that ‘ignore, disregard’ in Korean 무시 sounds the same as Japanese 無視. Mushi. Although reading the kanji sheds more light on the logic behind the meaning as ‘no sight’. I wonder if they work the same though.

This is a comment on a Nate article which appears to be a rookie’s ‘media play’ with twitter pictures. Even though no one knows who she is, her article is ranked #2. (courtesy of Netizenbuzz, although the below comment was not translated, pardon my not very good ones)

언플언플하면서 왜 욕함?

If it’s media play media play why criticize her?

그렇게 언플하는게 꼴보기 싫으면 젤 좋은방법이 무시 아닌가?

If you don’t like to look at this sort of media play, isn’t it best to ignore it?

소속사에서는 홍보하는게 당연한거지

It’s obvious that this publicity stunt is from the agency right

언플하는게 그렇게 꼴배기 싫으면 무시하세요~ 신고하기 new

If you dislike this kind of media play then please ignore it~


Bolded words are new vocab for me.

I find it fascinating that ‘media’ sounds like ‘On Loan’ and thus ‘media play’ is ‘On pl(ay)’


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