Learning method: Copying variety show dialogues…

 I used to watch variety shows with subtitles and pick out new words and then during funny moments laugh and be like ‘omg this is so hilarious, i need to mark down this moment and hope I never forget this…. And then you can guess where this goes.


There is a logic behind learning words from shows and video clips and stuff because it’ll put things in context, and it’s like memorizing words off a list – it’s harder when you try to memorize it with only a list, but easier when you string it up into a imaginary story in your head and puts it in context, and hopefully as a good memory so you remember it better.

But I really hate it when I watch stuff, pick out words, and then forget it later on. So I decided that parts that I really enjoy, I shall copy the captions down. Sometimes variety shows do that – they highlight whatever dialogue has been said and put it down, but in a grammatically correct format. So I make it a point to slowly enjoy my show and copy down the korean dialogue and then refer to it back later. It’s a surprisingly good way to have actual real life casual dialogue and have something to refer to.


So, I’ve been reading my notes again for shits and giggles.. This part is in ‘We Got Married’ Season 4 #13 where  interrogates Kwanghee and asks him what he did during the weekend:

Sunhwa: 주말에 뭐 했어? (What did you do during the weekend?)

Kwanghee: 주말…주말에…친구들 하고 놀았는데? (Weekend.. weekend… Met up to play with friends?)

Sunhwa: 뭐 했어? (What did you do?)

Kwanghee: 술 마셨어.. (Drank soju…)

Sunhwa: 어디서 놀았어? (Where did you go to play?)

Kwanghee: ….술집에서 마셨어~ (Went to drink at the pub~)

Sunhwa: 긑이야?! (That’s it?!)

……그래. 알겠어. (… Fine. I got it.)


and then sunhwa brings it up again.. to a panicking Kwanghee.

Sunhwa: 오빠… 주말에 뭐했다고?! (oppa… what did you do again during the weekend?!)

Kwanghee: 헉!! (*omg*)

Sunhwa: 2주 전 주말… (the weekend 2 weeks before.)

Kwanghee: 친구 생일… 클럽이었어…(it was my friend’s birthday… I went to the club…)

Sunhwa: 행실 똑바로 하고 나녀! (Not sure: I’ve been living my life upright!)

아하하하!! 누구 생일이 었어.. 친구들끼리 클럽에서 생일파티! (AHAHAH!! It was someone’s birthday… I partied at the club, it was only with my friends!)

Sunhwa: 그냥 친구들? (Just friends?)

….꼭 클럽 갔어야돼? (Must you go to a club?)

Kwanghee: 뭐가 청춘들이 니까 놀기 바쁘지…? (Every youngster should be busy partying right..?)

Sunhwa: 나도 이번 주말에 클럽가야지! (Then I should go to a club this weekend!)

Kwanghee: 안돼! 안돼! (No! No!)

Sunhwa: 왜? 나도 청춘! (Why? I’m a youngster too!)

Kwanghee: 알았어. 앞으로 안 갈게! (Okay. I won’t go in future!)

안 갈게! 맹세! (I won’t go! Swear!)

Sunhwa: 그래… (Okay..)

Kwanghee: 난 재미도 없었어.. 그날~ 그날 짜증나서. (I didn’t have fun that day too. That day was irritating.)

Sunhwa: 그래? (Really?)

짜증나서 입이 귀에 걸렸어니?! (It’s because you’re irritated that’s why your mouth is going to your ears? – smiling fr ear to ear)

Kwanghee: …음악이 즐거웠어… (…The music was great…)





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