[TRANS – Article] 130105 “Yang Yoseob’s birthday celebration, Donation Project Event”

I should say that I’m a BEAST fan. They’re the main motivation for my studying of Korean. Distracts me when I’m feeling sad and what not.

Something I translated for a fan site 🙂 This short paragraph (highlighted) took me well over half hour to understand. ㅇㅅㅇ


Fans got together and took part in a gift project for BEAST’s Yang Yoseob’s birthday.

Yang Yoseob’s fanclub prepared a special event on the day of his birthday Jan 5th. They raised funds under the name of Yang Yoseob and donated the collected amount to a welfare organization.

The targeted sum to be collected was 1 million (10000000)won which was achieved and using a word play with Yoseob’s new song ‘Caffeine’ the money was delivered to a specialty cafe ‘Cafe More’ managed within the Siloam Welfare Foundation for the Visually Handicapped. The cafe conducts barista training for visually handicapped and aims to provide these individuals the skillsets for job opportunities to support themselves.

Apart from this, BEAST’s members sent out their heartwarming congratulatory birthday messages, praising colleage Yoseob:

– Yoon Doojoon “Yang Yoseob Happy birthdayyyyyy!”,

– Yong Junhyung “Yoseobi Happy birthday I love you”,

– Lee Gikwang “Today’s our Joseph(Yoseb) yoseb yosebi’s birthday. Please congratulate him.”,

– Son Dongwoon “Yoseobi hyung Haeppi(Happy) beolsudae(birthday). Be there soon!”

– Jang Hyunseung “Yoyang yoyang I seriously wish you a happy happy happy birthday. Now there’s no stopping youuu”

Netizens have responded with various comments, including ‘Yang Yoseob Happy birthday!”, “(The fandom for organizing) Yang Yoseob’s birthday celebration event are role models we should look up too.”, “The cutie who receives loves no matter where he goes”.

비스트 양요섭 생일 축하 이벤트의 일환으로 팬들이 기부 프로젝트에 나섰다.

양요섭 팬클럽 연합은 1월5일 양요섭 생일을 맞아 특별한 이벤트를 준비했다. 양요섭의 이름으로 기부금을 모금, 사회복지단체에 기부하겠다는 것.

이번 프로젝트는 목표금액인 100만원을 조기 달성했으며, 신곡 ‘카페인’ 이름에 맞춰 실로암시각장애인복지관에서 운영하는 커피전문점 ‘카페모아’에 기부금을 전달하기로 했다.

‘카페모아’는 바리스타 교육을 통해 시각장애인의 자활을 돕고 취업의 기회를 제공하는 등 각종 복지에 복지에 힘쓰고 있다.

이외에도 비스트 멤버 윤두준은 “양요섭생추우우우우욱!”, 용준형은 “요섭이 생축 사랑해”, 이기광은 “오늘은 우리 요셉요셉요셉이 생신입니다. 많이들 축하해 주세요”, 손동운은 “요섭이형 해피벌스데이. 곰방 갑니다요”, 장현승은 “요양요양요 생일 심각하게 축하축하축하 이젠 멈출수가 없어요오오”라는 양요섭 생일 축하 메시지를 보내 훈훈한 동료애를 자랑했다.

힌편 네티즌들은 “양요섭 생일 축하해!”, “양요섭 생일 축하 이벤트, 팬덤 문화 본받아야해”, “어디서나 사랑받는 귀요미” 등 다양한 반응을 보였다.

한경닷컴 bnt뉴스 기사제보 star@bntnews.co.kr


Source: Bntnews

URL: http://www.wowtv.co.kr/funfun/life/view.asp?artid=201301051929003

Translation: @faeleia

Please take out with credits.


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