Korea Bang!

I just found this handy little site >>KOREABANG<< that translates  Korean societal news and the netizens’ comments to the articles.  I haven’t fully explored the site yet, but I can’t tell you how excited I am to find it, because it has a handy little function where you just mouseover the english text and it shows you the original korean text.  How brilliant is that!? I can now practise on translating korean journalistic writing as well as get acquainted with casual colloquial slang!


Not only that, Koreabang is also useful for understanding more of Korean society and culture – the site doesn’t just translate positive news. It’s a bit of everything, even the negative dumps like pervy bastards trying to take advantage of girls – in this aspect it’s similar to trashy sites, but at least you’re getting the real deal right?


This site is like the useful Netizenbuzz , also another of my favourite sites to visit every now and then for Korean Entertainment news. The web owner does translations of the Korean netizens’ comments and reactions to the articles distributed by media outlets.


For now, I’ve found this article:



From NocutNews:

‘Please rate my face’ Teens upload pictures of themselves on the net

얼평 해주세요’ 사진 올리고 외모 평가 자처하는 10대들

It’s worrying that ‘adults’ obsession with appearances reflects onto children’

어른들의 외모 지상주의가 아이들에게 그대로 투영’ 우려도

‘I know I’m ugly, but I just want an evaluation of my face…Can I live with my head up?’

못생긴 거 알지만 그래도 평가 받고 싶습니다…저 얼굴 들고 살아도 되나여?

Jung (16), who is currently in his third grade of middle school, uploaded 5 pictures of himself that he’d taken on an Internet friendship cafe [online community].

중학교 3학년 정모(16)군은 최근 인터넷 친목카페에 자신이 직접 찍은 얼굴 사진을 5장 올렸다.

This is because he wanted to receive an ‘objective’ assessment of his outward appearance from other members from the community who are mostly teens.

10대 또래들이 주를 이루는 카페 회원들에게 자신의 외모를 ‘객관적’으로 평가받고 싶었기 때문이다.


… for more, click on the link above. 🙂


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