Ignore the Mushi

I learnt that ‘ignore, disregard’ in Korean 무시 sounds the same as Japanese 無視. Mushi. Although reading the kanji sheds more light on the logic behind the meaning as ‘no sight’. I wonder if they work the same though.

This is a comment on a Nate article which appears to be a rookie’s ‘media play’ with twitter pictures. Even though no one knows who she is, her article is ranked #2. (courtesy of Netizenbuzz, although the below comment was not translated, pardon my not very good ones)

언플언플하면서 왜 욕함?

If it’s media play media play why criticize her?

그렇게 언플하는게 꼴보기 싫으면 젤 좋은방법이 무시 아닌가?

If you don’t like to look at this sort of media play, isn’t it best to ignore it?

소속사에서는 홍보하는게 당연한거지

It’s obvious that this publicity stunt is from the agency right

언플하는게 그렇게 꼴배기 싫으면 무시하세요~ 신고하기 new

If you dislike this kind of media play then please ignore it~


Bolded words are new vocab for me.

I find it fascinating that ‘media’ sounds like ‘On Loan’ and thus ‘media play’ is ‘On pl(ay)’


Learning method: Copying variety show dialogues…

 I used to watch variety shows with subtitles and pick out new words and then during funny moments laugh and be like ‘omg this is so hilarious, i need to mark down this moment and hope I never forget this…. And then you can guess where this goes.


There is a logic behind learning words from shows and video clips and stuff because it’ll put things in context, and it’s like memorizing words off a list – it’s harder when you try to memorize it with only a list, but easier when you string it up into a imaginary story in your head and puts it in context, and hopefully as a good memory so you remember it better.

But I really hate it when I watch stuff, pick out words, and then forget it later on. So I decided that parts that I really enjoy, I shall copy the captions down. Sometimes variety shows do that – they highlight whatever dialogue has been said and put it down, but in a grammatically correct format. So I make it a point to slowly enjoy my show and copy down the korean dialogue and then refer to it back later. It’s a surprisingly good way to have actual real life casual dialogue and have something to refer to.


So, I’ve been reading my notes again for shits and giggles.. This part is in ‘We Got Married’ Season 4 #13 where  interrogates Kwanghee and asks him what he did during the weekend:

Sunhwa: 주말에 뭐 했어? (What did you do during the weekend?)

Kwanghee: 주말…주말에…친구들 하고 놀았는데? (Weekend.. weekend… Met up to play with friends?)

Sunhwa: 뭐 했어? (What did you do?)

Kwanghee: 술 마셨어.. (Drank soju…)

Sunhwa: 어디서 놀았어? (Where did you go to play?)

Kwanghee: ….술집에서 마셨어~ (Went to drink at the pub~)

Sunhwa: 긑이야?! (That’s it?!)

……그래. 알겠어. (… Fine. I got it.)


and then sunhwa brings it up again.. to a panicking Kwanghee.

Sunhwa: 오빠… 주말에 뭐했다고?! (oppa… what did you do again during the weekend?!)

Kwanghee: 헉!! (*omg*)

Sunhwa: 2주 전 주말… (the weekend 2 weeks before.)

Kwanghee: 친구 생일… 클럽이었어…(it was my friend’s birthday… I went to the club…)

Sunhwa: 행실 똑바로 하고 나녀! (Not sure: I’ve been living my life upright!)

아하하하!! 누구 생일이 었어.. 친구들끼리 클럽에서 생일파티! (AHAHAH!! It was someone’s birthday… I partied at the club, it was only with my friends!)

Sunhwa: 그냥 친구들? (Just friends?)

….꼭 클럽 갔어야돼? (Must you go to a club?)

Kwanghee: 뭐가 청춘들이 니까 놀기 바쁘지…? (Every youngster should be busy partying right..?)

Sunhwa: 나도 이번 주말에 클럽가야지! (Then I should go to a club this weekend!)

Kwanghee: 안돼! 안돼! (No! No!)

Sunhwa: 왜? 나도 청춘! (Why? I’m a youngster too!)

Kwanghee: 알았어. 앞으로 안 갈게! (Okay. I won’t go in future!)

안 갈게! 맹세! (I won’t go! Swear!)

Sunhwa: 그래… (Okay..)

Kwanghee: 난 재미도 없었어.. 그날~ 그날 짜증나서. (I didn’t have fun that day too. That day was irritating.)

Sunhwa: 그래? (Really?)

짜증나서 입이 귀에 걸렸어니?! (It’s because you’re irritated that’s why your mouth is going to your ears? – smiling fr ear to ear)

Kwanghee: …음악이 즐거웠어… (…The music was great…)




[TRANS – Article] 130108 Yang Yoseob’s loyalty… features in BEAST’s choreographer Prepix’s Hawoosin’s song.

Another translated article I did during work. HEHE.

[Photo: Sports World]

Popular idol member BEAST’s Yang Yoseob, who recently debut as a solo artist, has featured in title song for member of BEAST’s chereography team, Prepix’s Hawoosin’s new album.

Yang Yoseob since clinching 1st place in rankings in the new year, has been actively participating and promoting the album, even mentioning it in his winning speech, the composer for the song ‘When I Get Paid’, Jungoon (who also composed songs for Tae Yang’s ‘I Need Girl’, Park Jaybum, G.NA etc), his medium tempo R&B piece has been released on the 8th via various online portals.

Furthermore, BEAST member Yong Junhyung took to his own twitter to upload a picture that Haw took with Yoseob, also supporting and promoting the album, thus showing the friendship they share.

The full music video with the accompanying dance ‘Prepix Performance’ is slated for release on the 10th.

최근 솔로로 데뷔해 인기 몰이를 하고 있는 비스트 양요섭이 이번에는 그룹 비스트의 안무가인 프리픽스 하우신의 앨범 타이틀을 피쳐링하며 지원 사격에 나섰다.

양요섭이 새해 첫 순위 프로에서 1위를 받으며 밝힌 수상 소감에서도 앨범을 적극 홍보 할 정도로 열성을 보인 이 번앨범의 타이틀 곡 ‘돈 들어오면’은 태양 ‘I need Girl’, 박재범, 지나의 작곡가 전군의 R&B 미듐 템포의 작품으로 8일 음원 사이트들을 통해 공개됐다.

또한 비스트 멤버 용준형은 자신의 트위터를 통해 양요섭과 하우신이 찍은 사진을 올려 앨범 홍보에 적극적인 지원 사격을 함으로써 그들 군단들의 우정을 보여 주었다.

“돈 들어오면”의 음원 공개와 더불어 댄스천재들이 직접 제작, 편집한 뮤직비디오 속의 ‘프리픽스 퍼포먼스’는 10일 공개 될 예정이다.

김용호 기자 cassel@sportsworldi.com


Source: Nate news

URL: http://news.nate.com/view/20130108n08969

Translated by @Faeleia

Take out with credits. Thanks.

[TRANS – Article] 130105 “Yang Yoseob’s birthday celebration, Donation Project Event”

I should say that I’m a BEAST fan. They’re the main motivation for my studying of Korean. Distracts me when I’m feeling sad and what not.

Something I translated for a fan site 🙂 This short paragraph (highlighted) took me well over half hour to understand. ㅇㅅㅇ


Fans got together and took part in a gift project for BEAST’s Yang Yoseob’s birthday.

Yang Yoseob’s fanclub prepared a special event on the day of his birthday Jan 5th. They raised funds under the name of Yang Yoseob and donated the collected amount to a welfare organization.

The targeted sum to be collected was 1 million (10000000)won which was achieved and using a word play with Yoseob’s new song ‘Caffeine’ the money was delivered to a specialty cafe ‘Cafe More’ managed within the Siloam Welfare Foundation for the Visually Handicapped. The cafe conducts barista training for visually handicapped and aims to provide these individuals the skillsets for job opportunities to support themselves.

Apart from this, BEAST’s members sent out their heartwarming congratulatory birthday messages, praising colleage Yoseob:

– Yoon Doojoon “Yang Yoseob Happy birthdayyyyyy!”,

– Yong Junhyung “Yoseobi Happy birthday I love you”,

– Lee Gikwang “Today’s our Joseph(Yoseb) yoseb yosebi’s birthday. Please congratulate him.”,

– Son Dongwoon “Yoseobi hyung Haeppi(Happy) beolsudae(birthday). Be there soon!”

– Jang Hyunseung “Yoyang yoyang I seriously wish you a happy happy happy birthday. Now there’s no stopping youuu”

Netizens have responded with various comments, including ‘Yang Yoseob Happy birthday!”, “(The fandom for organizing) Yang Yoseob’s birthday celebration event are role models we should look up too.”, “The cutie who receives loves no matter where he goes”.

비스트 양요섭 생일 축하 이벤트의 일환으로 팬들이 기부 프로젝트에 나섰다.

양요섭 팬클럽 연합은 1월5일 양요섭 생일을 맞아 특별한 이벤트를 준비했다. 양요섭의 이름으로 기부금을 모금, 사회복지단체에 기부하겠다는 것.

이번 프로젝트는 목표금액인 100만원을 조기 달성했으며, 신곡 ‘카페인’ 이름에 맞춰 실로암시각장애인복지관에서 운영하는 커피전문점 ‘카페모아’에 기부금을 전달하기로 했다.

‘카페모아’는 바리스타 교육을 통해 시각장애인의 자활을 돕고 취업의 기회를 제공하는 등 각종 복지에 복지에 힘쓰고 있다.

이외에도 비스트 멤버 윤두준은 “양요섭생추우우우우욱!”, 용준형은 “요섭이 생축 사랑해”, 이기광은 “오늘은 우리 요셉요셉요셉이 생신입니다. 많이들 축하해 주세요”, 손동운은 “요섭이형 해피벌스데이. 곰방 갑니다요”, 장현승은 “요양요양요 생일 심각하게 축하축하축하 이젠 멈출수가 없어요오오”라는 양요섭 생일 축하 메시지를 보내 훈훈한 동료애를 자랑했다.

힌편 네티즌들은 “양요섭 생일 축하해!”, “양요섭 생일 축하 이벤트, 팬덤 문화 본받아야해”, “어디서나 사랑받는 귀요미” 등 다양한 반응을 보였다.

한경닷컴 bnt뉴스 기사제보 star@bntnews.co.kr


Source: Bntnews

URL: http://www.wowtv.co.kr/funfun/life/view.asp?artid=201301051929003

Translation: @faeleia

Please take out with credits.

Korea Bang!

I just found this handy little site >>KOREABANG<< that translates  Korean societal news and the netizens’ comments to the articles.  I haven’t fully explored the site yet, but I can’t tell you how excited I am to find it, because it has a handy little function where you just mouseover the english text and it shows you the original korean text.  How brilliant is that!? I can now practise on translating korean journalistic writing as well as get acquainted with casual colloquial slang!


Not only that, Koreabang is also useful for understanding more of Korean society and culture – the site doesn’t just translate positive news. It’s a bit of everything, even the negative dumps like pervy bastards trying to take advantage of girls – in this aspect it’s similar to trashy sites, but at least you’re getting the real deal right?


This site is like the useful Netizenbuzz , also another of my favourite sites to visit every now and then for Korean Entertainment news. The web owner does translations of the Korean netizens’ comments and reactions to the articles distributed by media outlets.


For now, I’ve found this article:



From NocutNews:

‘Please rate my face’ Teens upload pictures of themselves on the net

얼평 해주세요’ 사진 올리고 외모 평가 자처하는 10대들

It’s worrying that ‘adults’ obsession with appearances reflects onto children’

어른들의 외모 지상주의가 아이들에게 그대로 투영’ 우려도

‘I know I’m ugly, but I just want an evaluation of my face…Can I live with my head up?’

못생긴 거 알지만 그래도 평가 받고 싶습니다…저 얼굴 들고 살아도 되나여?

Jung (16), who is currently in his third grade of middle school, uploaded 5 pictures of himself that he’d taken on an Internet friendship cafe [online community].

중학교 3학년 정모(16)군은 최근 인터넷 친목카페에 자신이 직접 찍은 얼굴 사진을 5장 올렸다.

This is because he wanted to receive an ‘objective’ assessment of his outward appearance from other members from the community who are mostly teens.

10대 또래들이 주를 이루는 카페 회원들에게 자신의 외모를 ‘객관적’으로 평가받고 싶었기 때문이다.


… for more, click on the link above. 🙂

To Quote..

My translation of a quote from Albert Camus I saw on twitter.


사랑받지 못하는 것은 그저 운이 없는 것이지만 사랑하지 못하는 것은 불행한 일이다. -알베르 카뮈.

“To be unable to receive love is the lack of fortune, but to be unable to love is an unfortunate thing.” – Albert Camus


I’m guessing 불행 works like the mandarin 不幸 or the Japanese 運がない.