Just another day…for a Baggu

Just another day to write about understated beautiful things. Like this shimmery Baggu.

Based in New York, Baggu has a collection of super colourful but simple candy-like totes.

Perhaps its name is inspired from the Japanese language.  In katakana it looks like this: バッグ (sounds a little closer to Bark than baggu)

One of my favorites is this:


With its pearl-like sheen and leather make, I’m sure it’s a bag that would outlast the toughest plastic bag and match just about most outfits.  I might even go to sleep with this.

Since I love animals and I have reservations about purchasing leather unless I’m absolutely sure it’s something I’ll use forever, this would be a nice choice too:


Made from cotton (washable), this is a more animal-friendly choice for a casual and chic accessory to your outfit.

(Message not sponsored)


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